Cottage Studio Color Story

When I'm designing a room, I love keep the key players in the room more on the neutral side, soft grey walls, dark floors and key pieces of furniture is either black or white or wood. I love bringing in color with accessories: colorful lamps, pillows, artwork, books and throw. 

Every room has a color story that helps tie everything together and makes the room flow. The color story, also tells you if the space is casual, or takes its self serious based on the colors in the room. I knew I wanted the colors in the cottage to feel fresh and fun and comfy, in many ways like an extension of my home. 

When I started planning the design plan for the cottage, I decided the dominant color in the would be navy. To me navy also reads timeless, but also looks fresh. I paired navy with Chartreuse and Shades of green. Chartreuse isn't for everyone, but in my home the colors just work, navy + chartreuse look so good together! In my house, I'm the only girl, so I don't often get the chance to use pink, so I decided to go for it and throw in some pink to the mix with accents, a pretty pink and blue pillow and artwork found on Etsy that is feminine and pink! I'm not a girly girly, so it was fun to add the splash of pink 

As I mentioned, I love layering colors accessories and when the main colors in the room are neutral the accents you add with artwork, objects and pillows make everything pop in your room. Below are the colors, patterns and artwork in the cottage studio. I've had so much fun mixing the fabrics and patterns, the trio of colors makes me so happy! 

Now that I'm back from from my holiday, I cant wait to spend some time in there in the evenings getting myself truly settled in. I have bookcases that need to be both styled and practical, I'm made some changes since sharing my completed studio on The Home Depot Apron Blog. I have so many projects around my house that need my attention and I know once I'm fully settled in the cottage, I'll be more productive and get those projects done. 

I'm in the process of working on a full video tour of the cottage, its one of my favorite places to spend my time, I can't put into words how amazing it feels to have my own studio, this is something I've dreamed about for years. I'm looking forward to showing you all around my studio, it will be the first video I've created for Chic Little House so crossing my fingers it goes well. 

What are the color stories in your house? Are you a black and white and gold kind of girl, love dark moody walls or all white? 

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