5 Easy and Affordable Ideas to Update a Living Room

Have you ever walked into a room you once loved and when you walk it just feels a little stale? Like it could use a little freshening up? That’s exactly how my living room was feeling a few months ago. Overall I love how my living room has slowly evolved over the past few years, but the space was missing something. It need a little oomph. 

Not everyone in your home needs a major overhaul and all new everything. The reality is easy affordable updates in a living room go a long way in making a room feel fresh and new. Its those little tweaks in room that can add big impact. Today, I’m sharing five affordable ideas to quickly update your living room and while staying on budget. 

ONE. LIGHTING // A few months ago, I updated our overhead living room light with a Grammercy Mid Century Modern style light. The new lighting is so pretty and really helps draw eyes up and out making my small living room appear larger. The quick update in my living room was under $125 and only took a little while to complete. In addition to overhead lighting, you can also swap out so-so lamps for a new pair. Also consider visiting a thrift store for lamps, my favorite lamps in my home have all been from thrift stores / consignment stores (including my beloved aqua lamp in my living room) Read more about my recent living room update.


Dreamy affordable lighting ideas for, under $ 200

TWO. NEW PAINT COLOR // Never underestimate the power of paint! Without fail, painting a room or painting baseboards creates the most bang for your buck. You can go big and change the color or just touch up your existing wall color. I also love the look painting the baseboards and trim in your space a color other than white. YUP, baseboards and trim don’t have to be white to look chic. In small rooms, consider matching your wall color and baseboards, it helps trick the eye and make your room appear larger

image via  Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor

image via  New York Times

image via New York Times

THREE. ARTWORK // When it comes to artwork, I say more the merrier on walls, bookcases! I love a good gallery wall! Gallery walls are timeless and have been around for ages. I love how that can easliy be Incorporated into almost any space. Consider, affordable artwork updates, but just swapping out what you currently have framed with new artwork or family photos. I love looking for original artwork on Etsy! I love that a lot of artists give you the options of printing at home. I’ve used Costco several times to print artwork, the prices are quality can’t be beat! My favorite mix of artwork in my home is: Abstract, Photography (color and black & white), Landscape Painting.

image via  Breyi.com

image via Breyi.com

Here’s a few of my recent favorite Artwork finds on Etsy.

FOUR. NEW PILLOWS // Did you know the average home dweller has the same sofa for an average or 7-10 years? After a while of seeing the safe sofa with the same pillows, your sofa can look like wallpaper. Meaning you don’t even notice it in your room anymore. The quickest and affordable way to update the look and feel of your sofa, new pillows of course! My pillow preference is always feather-down pillows over poly-fill since feather maintains is shape longer. Skip the pillows where you can’t use a feather down insert. Trust me you don’t want lumpy pillows on your sofa. Mix + Match pillows or go all neutral and opt for texture or color. The right pillow combination on a sofa only enhances the look.

image via  Style My Pretty

image via Style My Pretty

Below are a few neutral pillows ideas that will look good on any sofa all $60 and under

FIVE. ADD BOOKCASES // If your living room is lacking storage or has an old piece of furniture that’s no longer needed or useful, move it to another room of donate it! Life is too short to keep ‘things’ in a space where you spend so much time. Out with the old and in with a bookcase that’s more versatile in your room. IKEA, Target and CB2 have a lots of affordable modern bookcase styles that can provide storage and make your room feel new and refreshed.

image via   Decor Your Home

image via Decor Your Home

image via  here

image via here

image via  Home Polish

image via Home Polish

I hope my ideas for for updating a living room are helpful in making your space feel fresh! It’s always exciting see the impact small tweaks can make in a room. Any recent changes to your home that made a big impact on a budget?


Small Master Bedroom Closet Makeover | Ikea Pax Closet Completed

One of my main missions this year, was to give our small master bedroom closet a complete overhaul from top to bottom. A new closet was mine and Hasani’s Christmas gift to each other, to get organized and stay that way. It’s one of those projects in our home we’ve been putting off for years and years. Our master bedroom closet isn’t original to our 1950’s house, our original closet was a five feet wide reach in closet that was teeny tiny. When we re-built our home in 2013 after a house fire, we adding an addition of a master bathroom and master bedroom closet. Our intention after moving back into our home was to design a closet, but life gets in the way and it wasn’t made a priority. For the longest time we just two hanging rods and two closet towers, everything that couldn’t be hung up was either stuffed in our bedroom dresser or wound up in piles of clothes around the room. Out closet now is roughly 5x8 - five feet deep and eight feet wide, about the size of a small bathroom.

After doing research, I quickly landed on the IKEA PAX Closet. I loved all the different configurations for clothing rods, drawers, shelves and accessories. I was also sold on the fact that my side of the closet can be completely different than my husbands to meet both of our needs. Plus the price point of the PAX system makes having a dream closet affordable reality. Everything about the PAX Closet System has been a win-win. Read more about the design process for our closet here and how we built our IKEA closet here.


Here’s a reminder of our how closet look at the end of December, keep in mind I had already started cleaning it out so it looked even worse! Painful right?


I’m so excited to share our finished IKEA PAX Closet!! Having a closet that’s organized and personalized to fit my needs and my husbands needs is amazing! Keeping it 100% I still have a few things to complete in here and decide on 1. Caulk and Repaint the Baseboards 2. Decide if I want to add a rug to this space, and I’m toying with the idea of adding a small bench. It’s a small space and only five feet deep, but I like the idea of completely ‘getting ready’ inside my closet. But other than those minor things our closet is DONE!

I enlisted the help of my best friend, who loves IKEA and can hack a PAX like nobody can! After talking through my design ideas, we landed on an galley style closet, creating his and her sides. This little space was so hard to shoot, thanks to zero natrual llight



Before, I put my clothes back into our closet, I did a massive clothing purge, shoe purge and purse purge, thanks to Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up on Netlfix! I really helped me get rid of clothing, shoes etc. that no longer sparked joy! I have less clothing now, and I’m so happy about that! Instead of having 20 pairs of jeans I hate, I now have 8 pairs that I actually wear! It’s really freeing.

Back to my closet design, I have an area of hanging blouses and nicer t-shirts and below have a four drawers. The drawers are super wide and deep! I have plenty of room for sweaters, jeans, and a full drawer dedicated to bras, underwear and pajama’s. The very bottom drawer is an extra drawer for tennis shoes, flats and summer shoes.

The smaller unit holds dresses and coats. I love all the open shoe storage I now have! This has been a game changer #NoMoreMissingShoes I have five shelves for shoes, each shelf holds four pairs of shoes! Two in the front and two in the back. I can easliy rotate my shoes for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer in the very back, I have my tall walking boots hidden.

I’ve never been a purse girl, in fact my fanciest purse I own is for my camera, looking for the perfect camera purse? This post is for you. To keep the purses I own organized, I added a two brass hooks next to the IKEA Nissedal Mirror, its such a great affordable mirror! I love going vertical with storage, when space is at a premium.


In the last year, I’ve been become a ‘hat girl’ and now have a shelf dedicated to my hats! I love the ease of being able to grab a hat and pair it will an outfit and that stay nice an safe in my closet. I’m considering getting these clear hat boxes, if it seems like my hats are getting dusty.


One of my favorite details in my closet, is the extra large pullout accessories tray. It’s amazing and one of the huge selling points for me when looking at closet options. The Komplement tray, tray is a complete game changer and can be customized with different configurations. .


I have room for all my jewelry, I love how organized its made me! No more tangled necklaces, everything stays nice and neat. I love that I now have a dedicated spot for watches and sunglasses. A used a glass shelf above the drawer to create a more boutique feel to my closet.

Inside my closet, I have room to stash my mini clothes steamer, and a spot for my clutches, I used a clear mail holder to keep them organized and upright.


One of the best upgrades in my closet, its our new hangers! Yes, its a silly thing to be excited about, BUT non slip hangers are the best! We used to have plastic (slowly donating them all, once I upgrade the kids hangers) that would always break, take up to much space, plus they’re very hard on clothes. I found a large pack of non-slip hangers at The Container Store and I’m totally converted. On my heavy items, such as coats, I love the White Bumerang hangers from IKEA.



As I mentioned of the things I love about the PAX is the ability to customized the units, nothing was to able the mirror image of the other side! For Hasani’s side of the closet, he wanted more hanger storage vs. folding storage. We used the large unit for Hasani’s side giving him two hanger rods for clothing, plus a shelf above for misc clothing and two shelves below for shoes. He also did a big clothing purge, after I begged him to watch Marie Kondo’s Netlfix show. He too, like the spark joy method and got rid of a bunch random clothes and shoes he no longer wore. Due to space constraints of an outlet box on his side of the closet, we used a shallow unit. The small unit has four drawers and five shelves. To keep his side organized, I added a few simple grey fabric baskets to hold t-shirts etc.

In the mirror, you can see a little peak of our pretty wow closet lighting. I have a thing for Mid Century Modern influenced lighting (see our living room and dining room lighting) Here’s a similar light fixture here.


On one of the shelves, I created a simple vanity area to hold books, watches and his cologne.


I’m so happy with how our closet turned out! It feels like a dream compared to were we started! The small space now feels larger, thanks to the galley layout design we decided on and thanks to all the storage! Mornings are so much easier now, that I’m no longer looking for missing shoes or looking through piles of clothes. I love how having and organized closet space has really improved our day to day lives!

Read More about the process of our Small Closet Bedroom Makeover: BLOG POST ONE: Small Master Bedroom Closet Makeover | IKEA Pax Closet Inspiration and Design Plan BLOG POST TWO: Small Master Bedroom Closet Makeover | Building Our IKEA Pax Closet

I would love hear your thoughts our Master Closet Makeover and happy to answers any questions you have in planning your own closet update/upgrade.