Master Bathroom Part 1 | Design Plans

One of my home goals this year is giving spaces in my home that are underutilized a refresh and making them beautiful and functional. One my list of rooms to tackle is my master bathroom, design and storage-wise my bathroom has been feeling extremely flat. A few years ago, I painted the vanity grey, added a pretty mirror yet it still felt incomplete. While I love the bones of my master bathroom (classic subway tile, penny tile on floors, nice vanity), I feel like it has been stuck in a mid-way point with no design direction, no practical storage and bathroom fixtures that feel and look basic.

I’m working with to give my bathroom a refresh complete. I'm so excited about partnering with 1StopLighting, they offer a huge selection of lighting for the entire home both interior and exterior. They aim to provide customers with an amazing shopping experience, in fact, each one of their Customer Service Associates is trained and certified by the American Lighting Association. I also love that 1StopLighting is headquartered in Sacramento, giving me all the feels! I should also mention they ship to Canda, my Candian friends will be happy to know there are no taxes and duties to pay! 

Here’s how my bathroom currently looks, it's like a Monet of the bathrooms, looks great in pictures, but in real life, its always felt so flat to me. I love the style of my vanity, its perfect for our small bathroom. One of the features I love most is the open bottom shelf; it's a great design element giving us extra storage space for towels and bedding.  

Current Bathroom Design



What doesn’t make me happy is the vanity color, it feels all wrong and too flat for my bathroom. I’m so excited to get started in my bathroom refresh, below is my bathroom inspiration.

Bathroom Inspiration: California Modern Casual

image via My Domaine and Jillian Lare


Stylishly Organized Bathroom Drawers and Counters

image via: Salacia of London

As I mentioned, I am updating the lighting and bathroom mirror; I put together a few lighting and mirror combinations to help me visualize the and nail down I wanted in my master bathroom. What lighting and mirror combinations are you loving below? 

MasterBathroom Mirror and Lighting.png

I’m so excited to share my design plans to transform my basic bathroom into a little retreat for my husband and myself. The plan is to create a Calfornia Modern Casual bathroom, a bathroom that leans towards the minimalist side with clean lines while still feeling welcoming.  

I'm obsessed with the mirror and lighting combination I selected for the bathroom, I love that these two elements will add impact in my small bathroom. Remember never underestimates the power of an amazing light fixture.

I plan on painting my bathroom vanity black and adding trim to the cabinet drawers to create shaker style look. In addition, I will be mixing metals. I love the idea of pairing tones of Gold tones with Polished Silver, I think both finishes will play off each other nicely. My bathroom is small, so it's crucial I use every inch of my space wisely and sneak-in storge in a clever way without losing the look I'm going for. 

MasterBathroom Design Plan.png

Bathroom Design Sources: ONE Gold Bathroom Light TWO Gold Mirror THREE Chrome Faucet FOUR Natural Weave Baskets FIVE Drawer Organizers SIX Stripe Tassel Shower Curtain SEVEN Turkish Towels EIGHT Canister Set

Here's a quick recap of my bathroom refresh plans: New Light Fixture, New Mirror, New Bathroom, and Hardware (pulls, towel bar, robe & towel hooks) creating an organization in the vanity drawers, installing new roman shade, painting the bathroom vanity black and adding trim to the vanity doors. 

Two things I'm still deciding on is adding a small shelf below our bathroom mirror, to help keep my beauty products better organized and free up counter space. I'm also considering adding an extendable mirror in our bathroom, I'm not a huge makeup person, But I can so see this mirror coming in handy for Hasani when shaving and myself for applying mascara! The design jury is still out, but I do love how practical they both are. 

We're tackling this project on a budget and tight timeline! We plan to have our bathroom refresh completed this month. Yes, friends this month! Over the next several weeks I will share bathroom updates on Instagram Stories if you not following me on Instagram you should be, find me on Instagram @TheKatrinaBlair  I'm so excited to finally transform my bathroom and take it from the mid-way point of feeling so-so to transforming into a little retreat for my husband and myself.  A few of my bathroom selections arrived yesterday evening and I'm so excited to share! 

What are your thoughts my bathroom selections for my update? Are you also dying of how amazing my new light fixture paired with the stunning gold mirror is going to look? 

Put Your Records On | Vintage Inspired Record Players

A few Christmases ago, I bought my husband a record player a Miles Davis record, we had just recently seen the movie Miles to Go, and we both loved it. I wanted to give him a thoughtful gift that would be fun to continue to add to and build a little record collection. We both love music and seeking out new artists and falling in love with old music. Since buying the record player, we often stop in record stores or seek out the vinyl section in most thrift stores hoping to come across a gem. 

For a while we had the record player in our living room and then finally moved it into our bedroom, it looks perfect on the console table next to our french doors. Yesterday was a happy mail day, my new record player arrived! Yes, our small home now has two record players! I’ve been stalking a leopard record player for months, I just loved how it looked but had no one to put it until we shifted things around. Funny how that happens! 


This record player is the first leopard decor I have in my house, and I love leopard prints! I’ll rock leopard flats, heels and belts all day long, but in decor, it wasn’t ‘my thing.’ But this sprinkling pattern in my living room is rocking my world. The leopard record player (I dare you to try and say it three times fast) feels right at home in on our bookcases. 

Months later I’m still so happy we built these bookcases, read more about this DIY Project here. I plan to have Hasani drill a hole in the top of the cabinet, that way we can discreetly plug the outlet into the cabinet below. Yay, to hidden cords! One thing I love about modern record players is the Bluetooth compatibility, I can play music from my iPhone making or use the AUX Cord. Best of both worlds! 

Shopping online for records, I’ve had good luck with eBay, Amazon and seen newer music on Urban Outfitters.

 I love the vibe record players add to space, plus they’re so affordable, and most vinyl purists will state, music sounds better on vinyl. I totally agree playing Miles Davis or listening to Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall record on vinyl is incredible. 

" My Record Collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words " - Colleen Murphy 


I just love all the vibes adding a record player to your space brings in. 

 image via  A Beautiful Mess
 image via Good On Paper Design 

image via Good On Paper Design 

When I was a teenager, I had a little growing record collection, and no record player, they were so hard to find and typically too big and way too dated 80’s and 90’s for my taste. I'm glad record players are so easy to find these days and look so good! I’ve rounded up a stylish group of record players all at a great price point to add retro vibes into your space. 

Retro Inspired Record Players.png

I'm so excited to slowly grow our record collection and in the process turn our kids onto to vinyl records. Are you a fan of vinyl records?