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Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down in Northern California, my husband and I have been enjoying Saturday morning latte dates. 

My drink of choice is almost always a latte while he loves to mix it up and try out seasonal drinks. I love kicking the weekend off in a slow manner and just enjoying each others company. In addition to us sharing a love for lattes, we also have a thing for match watches, it just makes us happy. We've both recently fell in love with the wood watches from

JORD. These watches are so pretty, I love the wood grain on each watch which makes each of them unique. When my watch is on my wrist, I can't stop staring at it, it makes the perfect arm candy addition to my wrists. For my wrist, I choose the

Ely in Maple, I love the wood grain complements my skin tone. Whenever, I wear my JORD watch, I always get asked questions about, its so cool to have a wood watch. Hasani, choose the Fieldcrest in Maplefor his wrist. 

Snapping pictures for Instagram, because seriously when coffee is good its a must share. Hasani had a Mexican Mocha, which was so good. I seriously had order envy! 

I brought my

JORD Watch

with me while

on Holiday

, and left the watch on California time, Hasani set his watch to London time. It was a sweet reminder while we where apart what to be able to look at our wrist and know what time in California or London. It really made the eight hour time difference easier for face-time and calling each other. 

Check out the amazing selection of wood watches on the


website, they have so many to choose from. Hasani and I are, already eyeing our picks for our next his and hers matching watches. 

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to review, all content and experiences are my own.

Which JORD watch is your favorite? 

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