Door Inspiration from Across the Pond

While I was on Holiday in England, I was struck with the beauty of all the English doors I would encounter both in the English countryside and in London. Everyone seemed unafraid of using color, lovely hardware etc. to  make their front doors stand out. I started an impromptu #dooroftheday on my 


 after falling in love with all the pretty doors I would see, a fun way to share my love of pretty front doors. Follow me on Instagram @mrsclh to see more of these fabulous English doors and musings from my day to day. 

A quick fun fact about English doors, most doors in England don't have the traditional 'American Door Knob,' most of the doors in the United Kingdom have night latches instead and also use old fashioned skeleton keys, if a door does have a knob its usually placed in the center of the door. Its so cool how country can be so similar, yet have subtle differences. 

Here's a roundup of fantastic inspirational doors. 

Here's proof that even if your home has a brick exterior you don't have to play it safe and paint your door a basic color: red, white or black. This green door looks so good paired with the aging brick on this lovely home. On my house, we have a mixture of brick + siding and I went with the bold

fun color of Chartreuse

 for my door, and couldn't be happier. 

Many homes in England are 

terraced houses

 which are a row of mirror houses that share side walls, making it hard to stand out in a crowd. One way to help give your house more personality is by having a bright colored door or unique front door. I loved seeing terraced houses side by side that looked so unique to do their

 door choices and paint color. 

This wood arched door is to die for, trust me when I say its even more stunning in person. 

This Parisian door, stole my heart while in vising Paris for the day. I intend to print this door out and frame it, I know whenever I see it I'll think of Paris. 

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite doors, I came across while on my Holiday. I put together several ideas for to take your front door from blah to wow, that I'm sharing next week on the blog! Do you also have a thing with lovely doors? Do they also stop you in your tracks and make stop and take pics?