Getting the Job Done with My Shark® Vacuum

Ever since I was little, I've always loved to vacuum, for me there's something so relaxing about vacuuming. What's not fun is having a vacuum cleaner, that doesn't get the job done, and can't be used on our hardwood floors. In my 1950's Rancher we have hardwood floors throughout and rugs in our living room and bedrooms, and my old vacuum cleaner couldn't handle that small task. I ended up having use a broom to clean our area rugs, so not my idea of fun. Shark®, recently reached out to me and asked If I'd like to try out their new Shark® Rotator Powered Lift-Away™ vacuum, that's designed with a HEPA filter and Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™ to capture 99% of allergens, this vacuum is also able to transition from carpet, rugs to hardwoods seamlessly while cleaning. I also love that this vacuum is perfect for pet owners, because we've been thinking about adding a little puppy to the family [ wish us luck on our search ] 

I was so happy with our new vacuum cleaner arrived, Its honestly the nicest vacuum cleaner I've ever owned an a breeze to put together. Everything clocks into place. The Shark® Rotator Powered Lift-Away™ comes with so many glorious attachments! There's pretty much an attachment for everything you need to clean your home. My favorite are the dusting tools for baseboards and hard to reach cobwebs and cleaning vents. Another favorite attachment of mine is the Hardwood Floor Genie Attachment, love it! Visit the Shark website here for more information about the attachments. 

The base of the Shark® Rotator Powered Lift-Away™, lights up and rotates in a way that makes cleaning under sofas and tables much easier. My old vacuum used to bang the base of my sofa, so I gave up even trying to vacuum under it. The suction power of the Shark® Rotator Powered Lift-Away™ is amazing! 

Again cleaning my hardwood floors is so much easy now, I can either use my vacuum cleaner or the Genie Hardwood Attachment, I simply hit one button to go from carpet to hardwood. The Genie Hardwood Floor Attachment comes with a washable microfiber cloth.

Honestly this vacuum has been a game changer in my house and makes me love vacuuming again. If you look closely in the above image, you'll see all the dust & icky my Shark® Rotator Powered Lift-Away™ picked up, eww right! I also love how easy the canister is able to be removed from the base and empty. They recommend rinsing the filter that resides inside every three months. I'm so thrilled with our new vacuum cleaner and super thrilled to no longer sweep our rugs! Thank you Shark® for making such an awesome vacuum cleaner! Now if you need me, I'll be cleaning my baseboards! 

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Thank you Shark, this post is a sponsored post from Shark. While I received the Shark Rotator Lift Away, all content and experiences are my own.