Microwave Free Kitchens

Being a proud owner a small 1950's rancher with a petite kitchen, counter space in my kitchen is at a premium. When we first bought our home six years ago, our little kitchen was a L Shape kitchen with a floating fridge. We had so little counter space making dinners that lots of cutting was nearly impossible. After rebuilding our home in 2012, I re-designed the kitchen layout to a classic U Shape, took out a space sucking hall closet that gave both our kitchen and bathroom extra square footage and made very happy. I pretty much have double the counter space, but this time around I opted to go microwave free. 

We've been microwave free for two years and I don't miss having one. Since our kitchen is small [ visit our kitchen after


] I love having only the essentials out which include, my Kitchen Aide mixer, large glass containers, our Nespresso and Kitchen Utensils and toaster. I noticed almost all the kitchens, I love and pinned are microwave free too. Below are some fabulous microwave free kitchens. 



In case your wondering when its time to re-heat food, we typically use our oven or stove top, I've practically become a pro going this route. I am thinking about replacing our toaster for a

Breville Mini Smart Oven

, which is a perfect cross between toaster and mini counter oven, especially since it gets super hot in Sacramento, and I don't want the oven to 'heat up the whole house' 

Friends, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic, in your home are you microwave free? Could you ever go microwave free?