Ring My Bell

Our door bell sticks out like sore thumb, and just all around bugs me. Its dated and white and totally not my choice. After rebuilding our home, our contractor picked out the doorbell and installed it, I knew instantly it wouldn't replaced. A whole two years after moving back into our home, I finally found a fun doorbell replacement. 

After walking past a cute older home on my way into the 9-5 gig, I saw a cute pineapple doorbell and thought, that's exactly what my home needs! I bought a brass pineapple doorbell on Ebay


for under $10 bucks. Below is a picture of my old doorbell next to my new fun whimsical one. Big, Huge, difference right? 

This doorbell upgrade, is such a fun way to say hello to our guests and bonus points its lighted! My husband installed the new door bell in about five minutes, such a fast and happy update. I love the mixing metal finishes inside my. and love the mix of the black hardware pair with the brass hardware. Hopefully over time the our brass doorbell will patina. If you also have an ugly or boring doorbell, change it out!