Beer On Tap at Home with Draftmark

Like most men, my husband would love a man cave to claim as his own. I joke that his man cave is our garage where his classic car project resides, but his classic car story is a whole other blog post. When I'm decorating our house, I try and take into consideration my husbands taste and merge our two styles into a home that hopefully is reflecting both our styles. I recently teamed up with Draftmark Home Tap System to surprise my husband with his own tap system at home carving out a little niche in the fridge that's all his. Plus sharing our 100% honest thoughts on the system along with how my husbands man cave would look. To say my husband was excited when our Draftmark Home Tap System arrived was an understatement, it's always fun to pour your own beer like a pro. I was happy the Draftmark Homme Tap System offers one of my favorite beers to drink, Shock Top in their product lineup. Click here to see the selection of beers they offer, remember you must be 21 years and up to enter their site. 

Before loading our Draftmark Home Tap System with Shock Top, we made sure to fully charge the system for six hours along with refrigerating the beer for six hours at the recommended temperature from Draftmark. We also watched the video on that explains how to load the Draftmark Home Tap System and pour the perfect glass.  

The Draftmark Home Tap System takes up about as much room as a 12 - 24 pack of soda does in the fridge. Sharing this picture of the Draftmark System in our fridge makes me feel like I'm on MTV Cribs minus the fancy champagne bottles. 

I was introduced to Shock Top a few Summers ago when my husband and I were visiting Tahoe, and I loved its Summery taste. Its so much fun to pour myself a glass and cut a few orange slices and enjoy! As I mentioned above, Draftmark Home Tap System sent us their tap system to review, all thoughts are 100% our own. My husband thought it was fun and convenient, and cool to show off to friends pouring them a drink on tap at home. He also likes that it stays fresh for up to 30 days. We had Shock Top in the Draftmark Home Tap System for over two weeks and each pour was good as the first. 

Now back to my husbands man cave and how I would design it. I can totally picture it filled with posters of famous comedians and movies he likes [ all framed of course ] A vintage buffet with a record player on top along with a mini bar. I also picture a small glass front fridge with is Draftmark Home Tap System inside next to pineapple. He loves fresh pineapple. Could your home also use a Draftmark System?

Thank you Draftmark. This post a sponsored post from Draftmark, while I received a free Draftmark system to review all content and experiences shared here are my own.