5 Ideas for Framing Kids Artwork

My favorite artwork ever, is the kind my youngest brings home from preschool. I think its important to display kids artwork and crafts but in can be tricky, to make sure its done in a thoughtful manner. Kids artwork can get 'lost' on the fridge among coupons and to do lists and lets be honest in the backpack. Adding your child's own artwork in their bedroom is great way to celebrate your child's creativity and adds to the personality of their bedroom. Quick reminder, if your child has a gallery wall in their bedroom, add their artwork to the wall. Nothing gives me the '


' more than gallery walls in kids rooms that doesn't include their artwork! For Gallery wall layout ideas, visit Avery's gallery wall


Our little ones, bring home an assortment or varying sizes of artwork from paintings to, 3D Artwork, Windmills and more as I mentioned can be tricky to properly frame. 

Using a mixture of frame sizes and varying artwork, I've put together 5 Ideas for Framing Kids artwork. While sorting though your little ones artwork, involve them in the process and ask which ones they want to frame and place on their walls, it makes the whole project more fun and memorable for them.

Idea # 1 Floating Frame

Use a floating glass gallery frame to float unusual shaped artwork between glass.  This painted butterfly comes to life once placed in a floating frame. 

Idea # 2 Shadow Box Frame

My son recently made a cute Hungry Caterpillar sitting on a leaf at school, using a Shadow Box frame I was able to display his 3D artwork effortlessly. 

Idea # 3 Use a Matte

Kids make THE best abstract artwork. Using a Matte to frame artwork adds instant polish to kids artwork. 

Idea # 4 Skip the Matte

Just like adding a matte to kids artwork, transforms it from a cart project into 'artwork' the same goes with skipping the matte and filling the entire frame with artwork. When framing the artwork below, I cut down the original painting to fit a smaller frame and skipped the matte. The artwork framed without the map, reminds me of framed artwork you would purchase from Minted [ and yes, my little one is an amazing artist. Totally not biased! ] 

Idea # 5 Add a Color Background

My little one created this rainbow cloud, which can be complicated to frame since its an odd size. For this, I skipped the matte and opted to use tissue paper for the background for the artwork to reside on,

I crumpled the tissue paper to give extra depth

  You can also use construction

 paper or Kraft paper for Scrap-booking paper as a backdrop. 

Framing your childs artwork can be very inexpensive, you can find good frame deals at Ikea, Wal-Mart, Target, Marshall's and Home Goods in  wide selection of sizes. Also, look online for coupons for Micheal's Craft store and score big discounts on frames too, they carry a color selection

 of frames along with shadow boxes. All the frames used above where from Ikea, Target and Home Goods. 

Now for the fun part, sorting though your kids artwork and deciding what to frame, remember to include them in the process and create those fun memories together. I hope my 5 Ideas for Framing Kids artwork comes in handy. Whats your favorite to display your kids artwork in a thoughtful frame?