How to Fix a Crooked Picture Frame Fast

My biggest pet peeve is hanging up frames and they're crooked and almost its impossible to get them hanging straight. The stylist for the HGTV Magazine shoot Elizabeth Demos shared with me a quick and fast way to fix a crooked frame. Her tip came in handy while we worked on Avery's gallery wall over the Summer and recently when I finished his gallery wall. 

All it takes to fix a crooked picture frame is a few steps:

  • Use a mounting putty
  • Remove a small piece of the putty and roll into a ball
  • Place putty behind frame and adjust fame until straight 

Crooked frame on gallery wall, total eyesore 

I used Loctite Mounting Putty, I bought from Target for $1.99 found on the hardware section. The mounting putty is safe to use on paper, wood, tile and more. 

Tear a small piece of putty off and roll into a ball 

Place mounting behind the corner of the frame and then straighten frame. 

Boom, nice and straight frame! 

I hope this quick tip on how to fix crooked picture frames helps, next time your hanging frames. 

Any tips you have to help keep frames staying nice and straight on your walls. 

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