New Rug Pads from Rug Pad Corner & Giveaway

Over the weekend, we made a huge change in our living room and bedroom, replacing the cheapie rug pad in our living room and upgrading to Ultra Premium Rug pads. In our living room and bedroom we have Dhurrie rugs, which I love but have a few issues with them.

Issue #1  Dhurrie Rugs are very thin, giving no cushion on hardwood floors
Issue # 2 Rugs did not lay flat, creating ripples while the rugs laid flat
Issue # 3 Dhurrie Rug in our bedroom constantly moves, making it a tripping hazard 

One of the mistakes, I made while shopping for a rug pad for our living room, was buying the the wrong type of rug pad that offered no cushion and did not keep our Dhrurrie rug laying flat. Enter Rug Pad Corners, they have a variety of rugs that work perfectly with your flooring. I recently partnered with Rug Pad Corners to review their suggested rug pads for our Dhurrie Rugs and hardwood floors. I worked closely with Rug Pad Corners and decided the their Ultra Premium Rug Pads for our home and hardwood floors.  

After measuring our rugs and giving our measurement to the Rug Pad Corner we opted to have our rug pads cut a little smaller than our rugs to allow our rugs to rugs to relax to the floor. 

The rugs pads arrived super fast, and were wrapped in heavy duty plastic. 

The top layer of the Premium Rug pad, had so much cushion and a material that helps keep your rug in place, which is so needed when you have Dhurrie rugs.  

image via Rug Pad Corner

First we removed our rug and old rug pads, it was so gross to see how much dirt and dust was trapped under the rug pad and we vacuum pretty much every single day! I learned with Ultra Rug Pads from Rug Pad Corner have '45 once density protects your rug from premature wear, helps the fibers spring back after being crushed and prevents wear to the back of the rug'. All the dust I was experiencing from the prior rug pad was from the wear in tear the rug pad was causing on my rug. 

After removing our sofas out of the way and removing the old rug and our rug we cleaned the floors and read the instructions for placing our new rug pad and caring for it.

The purple side is the non slip side, that goes on the hardwood floor and is safe for hardwood floors. The rug pads went down nice and easy and smooth. The underside of the rug pad keeps the rug pad perfectly in place. 

Can I just say, I'm thrilled with our new rug pads! We placed the our rug back in place in our living room and it was so easy, the Dhurrie rug went the rug pad nice and smooth and stayed put. No ripples in the rug and  I have to say it again it stayed put! As I mentioned before we had pretty much zero cushion in our rug before and now have cushion! I'm also happy our new rug pads are environmentally friendly and have no VOCs.

Here's a quick look at our bedroom rug, prior to laying down our new Premium Rug Pad from Rug Pad Corner.  

Our rug now, with our new Premium Rug Pad. 

I'm absolutely thrilled with our new additions to our living room and bedroom. The three things that bugged me about Dhurrue rugs, no longer upset me. Our rugs now have extra cushion thanks to our Premium Rug pads, they stay flat [no ripples] and they stay in place no longer slipping. In all honestly our rugs look so much better now that they have the proper foundation/

My friends at Rug Pad Corner want to give one of my readers their choice of a 5x7 rug pad! They offer rug pads for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Concrete and carpet. Visit their Rug Pad Wizard to choose which rug pad style would be perfect for your home. Disclosure: I was sent to rugs from Rug Pad Corner in exchange for a review on my blog, all opinions are my own

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Please visit Rug Pad Corner and share below in the comments [for an additional entry] which rug pad is perfect for your home. 

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