My Favorite Earl Grey Tea Latte

It's been a while since, I shared one of my favorites. By nature I'm a sharer and  I love sharing things in my life that make me happy: good food, great drinks, the perfect workout playlist, yummy deserts, best paint colors and pretty much anything under the sun I share on my blog series My Favorite. One of my favorites drinks to enjoy during fall and winter is an Earl Grey Tea Latte also called a London Fog. They only take a few minutes to make at home. I prefer using the Tazo Earl Grey tea its such a good flavor

Here's how I make Earl Grey Tea Lattes at home.

1. Early Tea Bag steeped in hot water for a 2-3 mins
2. Add I Tablespoon of Vanilla Syrup 
3. While Tea is steeping use a milk frother to warm froth your milk.
4. Next remove your tea bag and pour in the milk and foam (I sometimes use a 75/25 ratio       of milk and vanilla creamer
5. Enjoy! 

I use the milk frother that came with my Nespresso U. If you have a coffee maker or espresso machine, a milk frother is a must for making lattes at home or adding extra oomph to hot cocoa or tea lattes! You can buy an affordable hand held milk forther for $17 bucks on Amazon or buy an electric milk frother for a little over $40 bucks on Amazon. Trust me this is worth the investment! 

If you enjoy tea and love lattes, your going to love the combination of both! 

What's your favorite fall and winter drink?