Console Table for My Bedroom

For the past year, I've been picturing a console table in our bedroom where our french doors are. I really want the area between our walk-in closet and master bathroom to have purpose and feel apart of bedroom. Here's a picture of the space, right before we moved back in our home last June. 

Here's a few stylish console table vignettes I adore, exactly the look I'm going for in this small space. A spot to hold a pretty lamp, books, artwork, flowers and additional storage.

After looking for a petite console table to fit in our space for close to a year, I finally came across one from JCP. We bought the Design by Conan marbled console floor model table on clearance and used a coupon bringing the table down to $160.00. The style is perfect for our bedroom, a mixture of modern lines and classic marble top. I promise to share more pictures of our new console table, once its tweaked a little.

While I love the table, I know I'll love it more once the lower half oak color is stained a darker color. I think by staining the color a deeper shade, it will flow much better in our space. I'm inspired by the Nash Console table from Crate & Barrel, I love the marble top which is super similar to the one we found, and I love the dark stain on the bottom of the table. 

One thing I've learned over the years I've been DIYing, is to not be afraid of changing a piece of furniture to meet your needs, even if the furniture is brand new. My end goal, is to create a home my family and I absolutely love, so don't be afraid to change furniture, pillows, drapes etc to fit your style. 

I plan on tackling our console table project this weekend and sharing all the deets on Monday. 

Do you alter new items to fit your space? If so, please share the link, I'd love to see!