My Favorite Etsy Shops for Kitchen Artwork

I spent part of last week in Atlanta, attending the Haven Blog Conference with my girl Shavonda from A Home Full of Color (hence not getting a chance to blog). I had a the wonderful opportunity to meet so many amazing creative, intelligent, kindhearted bloggers, I've been reading for years in person! I plan on doing a quick recap of my Haven experience later this week. 

By nature, I'm a sharer and that's one of the reasons I decided to start a new series on my blog simple titled My Favorite back in May. I love sharing things in my life that make me happy: good food, great drinks, the perfect workout playlist, yummy deserts, best paint colors and pretty much anything under the sun will be my topic of choice. 

One of my favorite spots for artwork in my home is my kitchen. I love the color, creativity  and personality it brings kitchens. Since I spend many hours during the week cooking, baking and cleaning in my kitchen. I like to artwork that makes me smile. Artwork can simply be placed to to lean on against your kitchen back splash, hung on walls, above your stove, on open shelves the possibilities are endless. you may remember, we decided to hand artwork above our stove, and yes I have to clean up any splatters that get on the frame or glass but I don't mind. 

Here's a round up of Etsy shop with lovely artwork to add color into your kitchen. 

Here are the links to my favorite Etsy shops for kitchen artwork: EatSayLove, Anek, DazeyChic, PrintableWisdom, BrightRoomStudio and NourishingNotes

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Do you add artwork in your kitchen?