Blinds or Roman Shades

For the past several months, I've been contemplating buying roman shades for our living room, dining room and master bedroom.When we moved back into our home a year ago, we decided on a combination of Roman Shades and faux wood blinds throughout our home. Along with my girlfriends help, I recovered ready made roman shades with fabric transforming them into custom roman shades for Avery's room, our kitchen and master bathroom. I love custom look the roman shades gave our rooms, I have plans to recover Tabari's basic roman shade, once he approves fabric! I actually just ordered a few fabric swatch contenders and can't wait to see what he chooses! 

I feel that bamboo roman shades add so much warmth and texture to shared living spaces and look amazing layered under draperies. Here are a few examples of bamboo shades, I'm totally smitten with. 

via Decopad 

Since bamboo lined roman bamboo shades can be very pricey as most custom window treatments are, my plan is to be in stock shades and add privacy lining to the back of the roman shade. The lining would help give them a more finished look, while controlling light when closed. While I love the ease (light filtering, privacy etc) of our current setup of blinds on the windows mentioned above, they're also cumbersome and heavy and give off a sterile vibe. The exact opposite of what bamboo shades give. I'm the type of person who loves having their windows and blinds open all day letting fresh air inside and natural light, but since our blinds are so heave to raise, I find myself only opening them. Plus once the blinds are fully raised they stack super thick.  I keep going back and forth between making the change to roman shades, or sticking with what we have. 

For now, I'll keep pinning lovely images and be on the lookout for well made bamboo shades that I can customize. 

Which type of shade do you prefer in your home? Mini blinds, Vertical Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds or Roman shades? And why?