Spine Bookcase for Teen Bedroom

My oldest son and I are beginning to work on his bedroom and take it from its current blank slate and add personality, his personality. Lucky for me, my oldest loves to read! He's the type of kid that will use his allowance money on books and sometimes video games. We've slowly been rebuilding his book collection since the fire and he wanted a fun way to display his books and allow them to be close, like me he likes to re-read his books. A few months back he was flipping though the CB2 mailer I got in the mail and loved the look for the Array Bookcase. I loved it too, its such a fun and cool way to display books in a modern and compact way and adds to much visual interest to a room. Here's the Array bookcase from CB2

Image via CB2
Now for some book spine inspiration. 

Image via The Red Thread

Image via Decor Pad

Image via The Nest Blog

What I didn't love was its  $189.00 price, so I looked online and came across one a similar version on Amazon. The one on Amazon was less than half the price of the CB2 version, only costing me $87 + tax and free shipping, gotta love Amazon Prime. Tabari loved silver the best, but on Amazon they come in a few colors (yellow / silver & orange) 
The bookcase arrived on Monday, and I was shocked how heavy the it is and its height. It was super fast to put together, I used the Allen wrench it came with and took only about 15 mins to put together. Tabari picked a spot in his bedroom and started filling the tower up. Since Tabari's bedroom is on the small side like most 60's ranchers, the bookcases compact and size makes it perfect space saver for for bedroom. We have a ways to go before its full, but regardless love the look. We plan to hit up thrift stores and buy books when there on sale, It shouldn't take too look to fill up the book spine up. He's super happy and already decided he's taking it with him to college, he needs to slow down and start high school first lol. 

Next up for his bedroom, shelves and artwork! He's found a slew of artwork he loves on Etsy and I've already bought a few prints for his bedroom. I plan to share progress of his bedroom as we tackle projects. 

What do you think of Spine Bookcases?