Planting Season in Our Garden

At the end of April we finally were able to plant our garden! We finally decided we wanted a salsa / herb / pizza garden. We wanted to make sure we grew things we actually eat and use on a regular basis. This year we bought all of our plants locally at Green Acres and picked up a few veggies from Home Depot. We hope to plant a year round garden and hopefully if I plan accordingly we'll start planting our future veggies from seed and then transplant them into our raised garden beds. We added two sections of trellis,to help support our tomatoes and bell peppers as they grow. 

Let's take a look at our newly built garden bed we recently built and added irrigation to. 

I still need to properly mark our veggies, I found these wood markers for a steal on Williams Sonoma and plan on giving them a little makeover so they'll work better for our garden. 
Here's a list of what we decided to grow. 
Back: Red Bell Pepper, Orange Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, Greek Basil, Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Beef Steak Tomatoes
Front: Jalapeno Pepper, Sweet Banana Pepper, Sweet Pickle Pepper, Sweet Basil, Rosemary and Cilantro 

Its hard to believe a few short weeks ago these spot in our backyard was full of weeds, and debris and now we're this much closer to producing herbs and vegetables for our home. Look how far we've come!

This view from my kitchen window is so much better than the old one! 

This area of our yard is still a work in progress, in the future we plan to add a privacy trellis to help conceal our waste containers. We also want to layer in more plants around our raised garden bed to add color and more visual interest.

I'll share updates as the months go on as our veggies start producing. 

Have you planted your garden for this year? Any tips on growing lots of veggies?