Life Via Instagram April

I'm back at it, after months of forgetting to share a round of my monthly Instagram pictures, I decided now is the perfect time to start up again. For me days seems long, but months go by in a flash and this is my little way of remembering these moments & sharing snippets of our day to day life. We kicked off April by celebrating my birthday (Aries Nation) with the kids and then Hasani and I did a quick getaway to the Wine County, I new tried recipes, drank yummy lattes and more! Feel free to follow me at in Instagram @mrsclh  

Row One: Reading the latest issue of Sunset magazine and loving all the information on gardening // Heading out to dinner with my boys
Row Two: Drinking a yummy latte in Santa Rosa // Picking up a yard of Garden mix for our raised garden bed // Tried a new recipe Tortilla Casserole and made it using a spring form pan
Row Three: Coloring Easter Eggs with Avery & Tabari. // Easter breakfast, fresh mixed berries and baked Texas French toast // Built at an A Frame plant stand for our patio. 

Row One: Tried another yummy recipe via The Mom 100 Cookbook // Framing pretty wrapping paper for Avery's gallery wall // Enjoying my kitchen window view and simple blooms picked up from Trader Joes
Row Two: Weighing clementines I bought to make a cake // Yet another view of pretty view of my kitchen window and orange tree  // Trying Stella Artois Cider for the first time with homemade Saffron Risotto 
Row Three: Super happy that my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is finally growing! // Chasing Avery in our backyard // Checking out the flowers blooming on our strawberry vines 

I hope your April was full of fun memories too! I hope to see you on Instagram!