The Last Fiddle I Buy?

Right after we moved back in our home I came across a blogger favorite the Fiddle Leaf Fig at my local Home Depot. I was instantly smitten by have sculptural each leaf looked and brought home one for $15.99. About a month later I spotted another Fiddle Leaf Fig at Ikea and happily brought it home. Whelp, the one from Ikea sadly died. I blame it on my oh so curios little toddler who can't resist pulling leafs off my pants. My original Fiddle I brought home from Home Depot, is hanging in there, she too has been the victim of my oh so curious toddler. Click here to see how my original FLF is holding up. 

Fast forward a few weeks ago and I spotted a huge fiddle at my Home Depot, I decided to give it more try and bring one more home. This time at home depot, I found two Fiddle Leaf Figs in one pot, plus this one has huge leaves. Like jumbo sized. 

Bringing this beauty home was a challenge, I ended up sitting in the back seat with Avery while Hasani drove home. The pretty fiddle took up my whole front passenger seat and then some! I bought the FLF for $20.00, they had $15 dollar ones, but I thought the pot it this one was in was pretty and would be perfect to use once I re-pot this one in a few weeks. I'm going to wait a few weeks and re-pot once she's used to our home (sunlight and temperature etc) 

I've had this FLF for about two weeks, and so far so good, it sees to be loving this corner in our living room and bright sunlight it gets in this spot. I've been watering once a week, carefully clean each leaf and make sure they're dust free. As for Avery, he's only touched 'her' once and left her alone once I reminded him, the plant is not a toy. I told myself if this Fiddle 'doesn't make it,' while living with us it maybe the last one I buy? But if I happen upon a mini fiddle perfect to sit on-top of my bedroom dresser, how can I resist? 

Have you found a Fiddle Leaf Fig and bought one home?