Vegetable Garden Planning

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend or a productive DIY weekend! Our weekend was filled with pulling weeds in our garden beds and starting our our vegetable garden plans. I just started using Preen Garden and Weed Preventer plus plant food, so I'm hoping this cuts down on the amount of weeds we get, its amazing how pesky weeds are even with so called 'weed barrier' down. On Friday I shared the current state of our backyard and I'm so happy with the progress and super excited to finally get started on our vegetable garden.  

Now that we have a large grassy lawn in our backyard, we decided the best location our our vegetable garden would be the large empty space we have directly in front our patio. The area we mapped out for our garden is 8ft wide and 24ft long, which is gives us plenty of room for one or two 4ft wide by 8ft garden bed sections. I love this spot our our vegetable garden, the space gets lots of sunlight, its super convenient for picking veggies and I'll be able to see our veggies from our kitchen window. This location also allow us to extend our current drip system on the perimeter of our fence line and place emitters directly into our garden beds. This wil cut down on my watering the veggies and be more water savvy, yay! 

Hasani and I love the look and ease of raised garden beds, and have decided to build raised garden beds for the space. Not going to lie, the space needs a lot of work before we can get to the planting phase of this project. We have boards, old planters and lots of weeds to clear out of the area before we can bring in raised planters. The entire side area where we keep our trash, recycle and green waste containers also needs some love and concealment, but we'll get to that down the line. 

Behind the raised garden beds, we'd love to build a large privacy trellis and grow some pretty flowering vines. Maybe Carolina jasmine, love how pretty they are!

We're using these plans for to build our raised garden beds. Yesterday we brought materials to build one raised garden bed. We want to build one and see how we like the size in our space before we build the second one. I'm tempted to add a little border ledge around the top of the garden frame, like this it just makes it feel 'finished.' I can already picture the raised garden beds in place. 

The thought of growing our own food makes me so happy! I'm hoping we grown an abundance of food for our home and also to share with family and friends. Our list of what we plan to grow changes daily, our goal is to grow a salad / salsa garden. We want to grow a few varieties of tomatoes, chili peppers, lettuce, spinach, and a variety of herbs. Each time we stop in Home Depot or Lowes our list of veggies keep changing. Yesterday, I saw mint and peppermint chocolate, I just have to grow both! In addition to grow lots of veggies, I want to grow strawberries in a large pot and maybe blueberries. I plan on doing lots of research and even buy a beginner gardening book before we decided on exactly what to plant for crop, I'll for sure do an update and share what we end up planting. 


Wishing I could fast forward thought my 9-5 day and get started building our first raised garden bed. I can't wait until I can spend a little time tending to our little garden and picking fresh tomatoes to enjoy at home. For this garden project we are taking a weekend by weekend approach, so hopefully by the end of the month we'll have our plants planted. 

Are you working on garden this year?