Spring into Cleaning

Yay! I'm so happy its Friday and Spring is officially here, although we've been experiencing great weather in Sacramento for months so no complaints here. This weekend we'll be finishing up our raised vegetable garden bed (didn't have to much time to work on it during the week) adding a drip system to both the vegetable garden bed and raised bed and hopefully adding a bunch of good soil! In addition to getting our hands dirty outside with yard work, I'm also itching to get some Spring cleaning done on inside of our house. Nothings better then giving your house a good deep clean with Spring starts! Check out this cute info-graphic from About.com, oh how I love About.com, they always have such useful tips. 

I'll be putting some of their tips to good use around more home! One of my goals this year is be more green when it comes to cleaning products I use to clean our house with, call me crazy but I actually like being able to pronounce the ingredients. 

Are you Spring cleaning this weekend or already getting a jump on things?