Vintage Find: Dining Room Table

As you all know by now, I love mixing vintage pieces in our home with new pieces. It just gives our 1950's rancher a more layered look. I love when I'm able to find a fabulous piece that needs love and has a history [makes for a more exciting home] For the past several months, I've been in search of a vintage dining room table for our dining room long before we moved back home, but came up empty handed [I'm so happy I did] 

I was convinced only a round table would be able to fit best in our small dining area which is really our eat-in kitchen, lol. But, after talking to a few different girlfriends of mine, I soon realized we could actually fit a bigger table in our space without making our dining room feel tiny. One of my dearest friends let us borrow her own vintage dining room table to get an idea of the size & use it until we found the perfect one for our space [ yes, my friends are amazing!] 

Seeing her table in our space confirmed that a larger oval table would look amazing in our dining room! It also means we can fit more than four people at a time in our small space, which makes me ecstatic! When deciding on what style table I wanted for our dining room, I knew the table had to be a pedestal table, vintage and not farmhouse style. We had a farmhouse style oak table before and this time around, I was picturing a pedestal base table with more interesting lines. 

 I finally found the perfect table on Craigslist several weeks ago, but only purchased it and brought it home Tuesday night. I know sounds odd huh, well the table is everything I wanted vintage with a pedestal base, but it had three issues that's what took so long to decide if we should buy it or pass. 
  • First: The table was over an hour away one-way [several towns away and a few counties!] I try and keep all my CL purchases within  30mins of our house, just in case the item turns out to be something we don't want. 
  • Second: The seller was selling the table along with six chairs! We already purchased four chairs, so I only really wanted the table. After much back & forth she's wasn't willing to split the set or budge on the price. 
  • Third: The table is not in pristine condition, this vintage table was used, think scratch marks, sharpie makes which all adds up to extra work on my part to 'bring it back to life' & did I already mention she wasn't willing to budge on the price. 
Even with all those 'Buts,' I couldn't get the table out of my head or find one similar that I loved just as much, believe my I looked and looked. Even my sweet girl friend Shavonda was on the lookout for me!! I know, I have great friends!! Day after day I was stalking this table on CL, I was beginning to sound like Sting in his 80's hit, I'll be watching You. I'm sure my friends were tried of hearing about the table and Hasani hearing my obsess over the table! So Tuesday, Hasani drove to pick up the table even though we just got back from a road to LA [check out my Instagram pictures for some fun pictures of our trip down South] Man, I love my husband!! Wow, I made you all read a lot before sharing pictures of our new to us dining room table. Below is a picture of our new table via CL seller.

Here's our vintage table in our Garage ready for its makeover [Ignore the garage mess, my plan is to start organizing our garage soon and get rid of a lot of empty boxes in there!] I plan to start working on this project Friday night! The previous owner had the table and chairs for twenty years, its made of blonde wood. 

I love the curvy legs on our new dining table, they are so unique and pretty. The feet have brass caps on the bottom, that are a little beat up. In the below picture the leaf is taken out. After the table is refinished, we plan on using the leaf in the table. 

As you can see, there are plenty of areas on the table where the old finish is completely worn off the blonde wood. 

I can't get over how much I love the lines on this table!! 

While I was checking out our table on Tuesday evening, I saw this written on the back of the leaf. I'm guesses its the date the table was made! The table is three years older than our house, so its the perfect fit for our little rancher! 

As I mentioned earlier we inherited six chairs with our new to us table, and even though we don't need six chairs, since we have four other dining room chairs. I love these chairs! They are in fantastic condition and all have the original green vinyl fabric on the seat. Two of the chairs have arms and the four don't. I have plans for these chairs, which I'll share later. 

As for the table makeover, my plan is to paint the table a high gloss white. Our new four chairs we recently purchased are a deep espresso finish, I think they will look fantastic paired with our vintage table. In the future we'd like to add a banquette seat in our dining room, allowing us to seat six! Here's some links to recent table makeovers, that I heart all using white paint! 

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I can't wait to get started!! What do you think of our new vintage table?