Life Via Instagram: August

Wow is August really over? August was such a fun and busy month: we relaxed more into our home, spent the last few weeks of Summer enjoying 3D Movies, Drive-in movies, quick yummy dinners, our oldest started 8th grade [I know crazy] and spend a weekend in Los Angeles seeing the sights and riding rides at Universal Studios. In addition I finally finished our Campaign Dresser & shared our mini dream kitchen, and began working on Avery's Roman Shades. I started doing monthly Instagram roundups to help remember all the fun moments the month was made up of. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @mrsclh

Row One: Eating Sushi with Hasani // I started using coconut oil on Avery's hair to lock in the moisture and keep is ends from tangling [so far so good] // I love this brand of syrups, I started using for making Homemade Lattes

Row Two: Took a mid-week vacation day and treated my kids to a 3D movie // Hung one of Avery's DIY customized roman, love the results so far // Shopped at the farmers market during my lunch break 

Row Three: Visited the famous TLC Chinese Theater // Road Tripping to Los Angeles // Avery & Daddy having a blast jumping over bus benches in Hollywood 

I love all the memories we made in August! Such a fun month, lets hope September is a productive DIY month around here, we just brought home a vintage dining table from the 50's along with 6 chairs!! I'll share the before on Thursday!

How was your August?