Sweet Storage Idea

I love when I come across cute storage ideas for my kitchen. I was reading though the September issue of HGVT when I saw a sweet way to store cupcake liners. I seriously fell in love with this idea, typically my cupcake liners are thrown in a cabinet and I'm on the hunt for them when its time to bake cupcakes. I already use two large glass containers to store our flour and sugar in and decided to buy the smaller version to hold the cupcake liners. I bought the smaller version for around $5 bucks at Wal-Mart.

I love how the cupcake liners in a jar look on our shelves! I love how its cute, but not over the top cute, lol. Hope that makes sense! 

Here's a round up other other cute ways to store cupcake liners in your kitchen. Colorful cupcake liners shine so much in various glass jars: truffle jars, glass containers and glass footed jars.

They look super cute all stacked up high in this tall glass container, that typically stores pasta

[via Tidy Mom]

Can Mason Jars do no wrong? Seriously the many ways you can use them amazes me!! Love this simple mason jar transformed with layers of colorfully cute cupcake liners. 

[ via Pinterest]

Don't be surprised if the next time you see my jar full of cupcake liners they all neatly stacked, in fact I'm might just go ahead and do that today, lol.

Have you seen any cleverly cute storage ideas lately for the kitchen? How do you store your cupcake liners?