Couldn't Resist

I stopped in Ikea a few weeks back to buy a bunch of goose down pillows, seriously can't get over how affordable they are! I did a quick pit stop to look in the plant section, crossing my fingers I'd come across another forest for Fiddle Leaf Fig trees like a did at Home Depot. I mentioned before, I'd love to find another smaller fiddler for my bedroom to sit on a console table [whenever we buy one] Well, I did indeed come across another Fiddle Leaf Fig tree Forrest, they had a boatload all super green and lush. I swear I looked though the entire lot to find the smallest healthiest one I could find, and I think I did. Of course, I was so excited, I had to Instragram my find

Now in no way is my new fiddle is small and I highly doubt it would be able to fit on a console, but it looks so right for our bedroom. So far the Fiddle in my bedroom seems to be loving all the filtered sunlight coming in from our french doors throughout the day. In fact another fiddle leaf has appeared, see the almost Chartres leaf, that's a new fiddle fig leaf and its already super huge. There have been a few downsides, mostly from my curious two year old who found his way into our bedroom and tore one of the leaves apart. Cue me crying and reminding my son 'look with his eyes and not his hands.' Hopefully my new tree won't hold it against me. 

I still plan on placing the fiddle fig tree in our living room in a woven basket and like the idea of finding a large vintage pot for our bedroom fiddle. I'm going to start looking at Consignment stores and Ebay for the perfect pot. Right now, my fiddle is sitting in a plastic bag, I know so attractive, lol.

Have you bought any new house plants lately? Or found a Forrest of Fiddle Leaf Figs at Home Depot, Ikea or a your local nursery lately?