Homemade Vanilla Latte

Huge thank you for all the lovely words about our finished kitchen and another thanks to all my Instragram friends, feels so good to share our house rebuilding journey with you & finally share our kitchen! Now back to our to today's post on of my favorite things. 

Right after I had Avery in the Summer of 2011, I fell in love with [decaf] Iced Vanilla Lattes. I loved how refreshing they tasted in the mornings on our walk to our local Starbucks with Avery and Tabari in tow. From that Summer on, I've been hooked on Vanilla Lattes iced or hot doesn't matter its my drink. I used to be a White Mocha girl back in the day, but now I find them way too sweet. Thanks to one of my dear friends gifting our kitchen a with a Nespresso Maker [the very one from my birthday wishlist] I've been enjoying Lattes at home. I'm in love with our Nespresso and feel spoiled & loved each time I make a latte  for myself or Hasani or friends! I've been playing barista at home for the past few weeks and love it!

Here's my recipe for a vanilla latte to enjoy at home. 

Vanilla Latte 

1 Nespresso Vanillo Capsule 
1 Tablespoon on Vanilla Extract
1 Splenda [or other sweetener of your preference]

1% fat free milk poured into Nespresso Areoccino 

I make a Lungo cup using my Nespresso, and then add more hot water because the espresso is already strong. You can substitute the Nepresso capsules for your favorite capsules for your machine or make a stronger pot of coffee. I like pouring the vanilla extract into my coffee cup before making my cup of espresso, so the espresso is flavored with the vanilla while its being brewing. 

While your making your cup of espresso, pour your milk into your milk frother.I love lots of froth in my lattes and prefer using 1% milk for less froth& more milk use a  heavier milk [2% or Whole Milk] Amazon sells several milk frothers at various price points. I love our Nespresso milk forther and would recommend that one or one that frothes both hot & cold milk. Another option is putting a small amount of milk into a small plastic container shaking it and then warming the milk in a microwave. 

After your espresso is finished brewing, slowly pour the milk into your coffee cup. 

Sometimes I top my vanilla latte with sprinkles of chocolate, either way its really yummy. 

I love vanilla lattes, just oh so perfect and yummy. Here's some links to a few other drinks, I've shared in the past: Passion Tea Lemonade, Homemade Holiday Drinks.

What's your favorite go to coffee or tea drink year round?