Growing Lemons

Whoa last week completely got away from me and I didn't have a chance to blog. The good news is I'm back this week, and have lots to share. Before we moved back in out house in July, I had a vision of having a potted dwarf lemon tree on our front porch and shared even my idea on my Pin of the Week. I thought a potted fruit tree would be such a fun way to greet guests plus add year round greenery [color] on our porch. Last week while in Home Depot we decided it has now or next Spring to but a lemon tree, we ended up going with a Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree. I read on Garden, that Eureka Lemon trees are more of a 'True Lemon,' and almost produce lemons yearlong [Hello Strawberry Lemon Bread! Checkout the recipe here

I found the perfect super large pot for our Dwarf Eureka Lemon tree at Lowes, thankfully it was on clearance. We got the large pit for only $14 bucks! It's made of plastic, but resembles stone, so much easier on our backs if we move it when it starts getting larger. I also picked up a 'Petite Butterfly' plant and bought the medium size version of the large pot too. I love how much color they both add to our house & look great with our chartreuse front door. 

For now the tree is placed under our mailbox, but doesn't interfere with dropping the mail off, so it will stay out for now and then as it grows we'll move it further down. 

We got such a good deal on these pots, I went back and bought two more medium size pots to step on our step outside our french doors.

Even though were still lacking grass in our front yard & back, hopefully our front door feels more welcoming! Do you have any fruit trees growing in containers around your house?