Toddler Art Caddy

One afternoon while shopping in Marshalls I came across a cute pencil caddy and I though it would make the perfect toddler art caddy for Avery. I loved that the caddy was a solid white & spun around and wasn't to big and bulky making it much easier to fill-up  What better way to show all the pretty colors? I bought the caddy for $12 bucks and filled it up with various art supplies all found on clearance at Target & Walmart thanks to back to School supply overload at both stores.

The toddler art caddy is filled with: small and large markers, thin and chunky crayons, glue sticks and colored chalk. Thanks to all the chalkboards people having been making the past few years its so easy to find chalk now! 

I love seeing Avery's little face full of excitement when we spins his art caddy around and around. I even shared a quick video on Instragram of him spinning his art caddy around click here

When we're not creating art together, his art caddy resides out of reach on top of his bookcase! We're practicing using only a few colors at a time and putting them back after he's done. I recently picked up some acrylic paints and brushes and a canvas for Avery since he enjoys painting at pre-school. I plan to have him paint a little 'toddler abstract' for his room, love kid art! I really love the Ikea Mala Art Easel and plan on buying one for his room when he's a little older. 
His toddler room is really coming along, I plan on sharing some pictures of his completed DIY Customized Roman [ no sew] shades on the blog Thursday, still trying to get the perfect shot so you can all see how adorable and nice professional they turned out! 

How do you store your kids art?