Twin Sofas

Before I get into today's posts, a huge thank you so much for sweet comments about our house tour! I'm so happy all the thought and details we decided on show though in the snapshots I shared yesterday! Now onto today's post about our new sofas! 

Months ago Hasani and I were sofa shopping for the perfect twin sofas for our living room. Our old living room set up was pretty traditional in the terms of pieces one sofa and two chairs.  The original setup was fine, but honestly the chairs were rarely used any when we had guests over, most people gravitated to the sofa vs. the chairs. Heck, I gravitated to the sofa. Buying a sectional crossed my mind, however since our living room is on the smaller side, I didn't want our space to feel like a giant sofa with no room for anything else. 

We soon realized matching sofas would be much more practical for our living room and for our family. Creating plenty of seating when we have friends and family over and plenty of soft spots for our to land on family movie nights! We love movie nights around here. You may also remember from my earlier post about sofa shopping, I had a semi long list of wants in a sofa, read more here. My main must for our new sofa was no back cushions! The back cushions on our last sofa where the bain of my existence. I honestly spent way to much time, fluffy & pumping them back into shape. We quickly narrowed our sofa search down to Crate and Barrel and Scandinavian Designs. We bought our last sofa at Scandinavian Designs, even though I loathed the back cushions, I loved how comfortable the sofa was and the quality. 

We bought ended up buying our Martin new sofas from Scandinavian Designs and went with a medium grey fabric....not too dark and not too light, just right. The sofas are made by Rowe, just like our last sofa was. One thing I love about buying furniture [aside from amazing customer service, remember the stove manager recognizes me, whenever I pop in [ I'm sure it has nothing to do with my long list of sofa requirements] is the option to choose from a wide variety of fabric options and the quality. With Crate & Barrel, we were limited to two colors in the 'grey family.' We love that our new sofas have a good solid warranty and the cushions alone are under warranty for five years.  

Here our our new twin sofas, we placed one sofa under our living room window and the other one directly across. I'm thinking this layout works best of our living room, helping it feel open to our dining and kitchen areas. I'm in love with the clean lines of the sofa, and all the subtle piping. To top it all off, they are super comfy yet have nice and firm cushions! I plan sewing several pillows covers for our sofas, using these fabrics I mentioned hereI'm excited about our new blank canvas our sofas provide. The currant pillows on our sofas came with our sofa, we had the option of selecting the fabric for the pillows and they made them, we ordered that sofas [and pillows] so long ago, I forgot what the pillows look like. More than likely they'll be our 'winter fall pillows' because they seem on the cozier side. Also the little side table in the picture is our temporary side table, most likely this little table will be outside holding plants in the future. 

Soon, I'll share some more full 'in progress, pictures of our living room. In the meantime here's a better view our how our living room is looking. The lights are turned on in this picture so that's why our wall color looks warmer. From this angle, you'll spot my beloved consignment store lamps, and our new to us coffee table I scored for a really good deal on Craigslist. 

We are super happy with our new sofas, they feel exactly us and our style

What do you think so far?