House Tour 2013 (Before Move-In)

As you know we moved back in out home

last Saturday

, we are so happy to be home! The morning before we 'officially' moved into our home (again) I snapped some pictures to share our home with prior to moving in. Our living room opens to our newly painted cheery shade of

chartreuse front door

. I'm so in love with this color, its such a fun color next to our grey house. 

Here's a view of our living room looking in from our dining room area. 

Our new wide doorway between our living room and dining / kitchen area really help our home feel so much more open and spacious. One of the best decisions we made during the rebuilding our our home was to make the doorway extra large. Beyond our dining room and kitchen is our new laundry room addition. More details about our laundry room in below. 

Here's a glimpse of our kitchen, its still in need of some finishing touches, but I'll get to all that in a later post along with more pictures. I can tell you this, I'm blown away in love with our kitchen and could not be happier! It's truly my mini dream kitchen and I love the space!  

Here's a better glimpse of our new laundry room space. I plan on using this space as a laundry & mudroom combination. I'm so happy we went a french door with glass panes instead of going with a full door, it really lets so much light in and gives the appearance of a much larger space. 

For flooring in our laundry room, we went with wood look tile, it looks really seamless with our hardwood floors. 

Bam! Another pop of color is awaits when you open the door to our back patio. I'm so thrilled to have access from the inside of our house to our back yard. Before we were only able to access our backyard though a side gate, though the garage or Avery's room [sliding glass doors, but we didn't use the doors] I'm super happy that now when we have guests over they have go though our laundry / mudroom verses walking though a hot garage [huge plus] I have big plans for this little space. 

View of our front door looking in from the hallway. 

Glimpse of Tabari's bedroom, he loves his over-sized light fixture. He's really excited about his bedroom and can't wait to put is personal stamp on it.

Avery's bedroom, we replaced the slding glass door with twin windows, they let so much light into his bedroom. He already loves looking outside while playing in his bedroom. 

Our main bathroom is so much bigger and brighter, more details to come on this space along we details of my plan to upgrade our basic 'off the shelf' vanity. It's going to look super upgraded once I'm done! 

I shared

our master bedroom

a few weeks back, here's one more reminder our the space prior to moving in.

Now that we are all moved into our home, I'm starting to get everything organized and my ideas for our home more settled. I'm not planning on focusing on one room until its done, but to tackle projects on the list of my priority. So they'll be lots of in progress posts of our home, DIY projects along with before and after posts of a variety of projects I'm working on along various everyday happenings around our house [ trying our new recipes, organizing etc] 

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of our house, there's so much more to come!