There's No Place Like Home

Hi Friends! We moved back home on Saturday and we couldn't' be happier! I had visions of knocking out some great posts this week, but as they say the 'Best Laid Plans of mice and men often go Awry.' 

Saturday was a busy day {with dilemmas and mini drama] filled with moving our belongs home, trying to remember what light switch turned on what. Realizing in the morning we had NO hot water, since the pilot light wasn't lit & being newbies to lighting a pilot light, I was a little freaked. I called PG&E but that meant waiting until the first appointment which wasn't until Tuesday [today 6/25/13] Luckily after reading & re-reading the instructions we were able to get the pilot light lit and have HOT again, glorious hot water. We spent most of the day waiting for deliveries and setting up our kids rooms up. I also discovered we had NO internet working & no dial tone on our land line.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief, because Avery slept in his bed all night! Sunday friends and family stopped to wish us well, it was SO nice sharing all the details with everyone and entertaining! Such a blessing to welcome friends & family in our home again. Sunday things took a turn for the 'not so good.'  Avery getting the stomach throw up bug and spaghetti is NOT fun to cleanup. I adore my new washer & dryer and got a chance to take it for a spin and use all my fancy settings. We now have Internet as of one hour ago [hallelujah!!] & still no phone service, boo! If you follow me on Instagram, then you no my little guy is still sick, huge boo! I took him to the Doctors, and we have to ride this bug out until he gets better. I'm slowly introduces fluids and praying for the best, its been a bumpy ride since Sunday night. I'm just looking forward to the return of my little rambunctious toddler. 

To top it all off, today my little munchkin Tabari, turns 13 today!! Happy Birthday Tabari! I love him so very much, your dad and I are so proud of you! I'm feeling bad our plans didn't happen today. I planned to take him and Avery to a movie and then dinner out with the whole family, followed by a stop at his favorite yogurt spot. Needless to say everything has been put on hold until Friday night. Luckily he's being a good sport and more concerned with Avery getting better. We are renting a movie tonight via Amazon & ordering in [pizza] 

I plan on going though pictures, I snapped over the weekend before we officially moved it and called it ours again! I hope to share them on Wednesday.

Ever had a weekend, were you had all these 'plans' and nothing quite happened they way you intended?