The Next Chapter

Hi everyone, sorry its been so quiet on my blog this week [and last] I have good news I wanted to share with you all, we are moving back home tomorrow! As you can imagine we are super excited to move home!! It's just a few weeks shy of one year of being out of home for re-building our home due to a fire loss, you can read more about the events here.

We officially start our next chapter in our home tomorrow, in some ways it feels like a dream like the last year was some bad nightmare filled with tears, way to much paperwork and several pushed back moving dates with little and big things causing delays. But we made it though to the other side off all that mess and it taught me so much about myself and everyday I fall more and more in love with our first house we bought four years ago and showed so much promise then (it was literally the ugliest house on the block, but I could see past all that) 

We are so looking forward to getting settled in our home and filling it with lots of love and laughter and boy does my family love to laugh. Crossing my fingers my Internet is working on Saturday morning, I'll share a FULL House tour pre-move in next week (hopefully Monday) so you can all see our new home. We started over from a true blank slate since our house was torn down to the studs, it was heartbreaking to see to home we love in pieces it was like memories being ripped away from my heart (rolling out sod, our backyard Wedding Reception, and bringing home Avery to his nursery just to name a few) Thankfully each week we saw the home we loved and cared for being slowly put back together, built great relationships with our contractors (we had a great crew!) I'll share our contractor information soon for any locals in need of: hardwoods, tile, general contractor, plumbing, rough carpentry, electrical etc.

Here are a few Things I'm looking forward to tackling in our home, beyond the design part [because although in others eyes it may 'appear done,' its so far from being 'done' lol] But are rooms ever really done? Me thinks not. 

  • Maybe adding stenciling or Wallpaper for our Laundry room / Mudroom
  • Installing cabinets in Laundry room
  • Seating Area in the Mudroom area of our Laundry room
  • Organizing our Kitchen
  • Installing Crown molding throughout [right now it's in the Dining & Living room] 
  • Sewing curtains for Dining / Living and Bedrooms
  • Recovering Roman Shades with prettier fabric
  • Creating a reading nook for Avery's room
  • Prettying up in-stock bathroom vanities
  • Huge over haul on our backyard and front yard, our poor lawn is dead! Sadly its a project that will have to start all over: busted sprinkler heads, dead shurbs and flowers everywhere etc
  • Pretty-up our patios
  • Maybe break-out some paint swatches and paint rooms (as needed, we'll live with most colors for now)
  • Find a creative solution for storing my sewing machine and fabric [and swatches] 
I'm sure as time progresses my list will continue to grow. My main focus this weekend is getting settled in our house and just enjoying each moment. I'm hoping to get Avery's room mostly 'set-up' and then help him transition back into his own bedroom & bed wish me luck on that. 

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who's reached out to me on the Blog / Instragram / Email and checked on how my family and I have been doing. It's really meant the world to me reading the comments or getting a surprise email from out the blue has helped my keep going and allowed me to stay positive even when I didn't feel like getting out or bed and dealing with anything. Thank you all so much!! 

I plan on listening to my go to jam today, now on to The Next Chapter!