Cooking Slump

For the past several months, I've been in a cooking slump. One too many nights of uninspired taco night, or other just random dinners. One thing about me is I enjoy cooking yummy meals for my family, but with this slump I've been in, dinner feels so much like a chore and not at all enjoyable. Other the weekend Hasani and I were shopping at Barnes & Nobles and I started looking at cookbooks, I have a ton I have yet to replace since our house fire. I like a good realistic cookbook, the kind that make week night meals a breeze since Hasani and I both work full-time and most nights I don't start cooking dinner until after 5:30 pm. I'm sure most of you out there can relate to being on a time crunch, but still want to make a delicious healthy meal. I know once I'm back in my own kitchen, I'll want to cook & bake and make lots of memories in the heart of our home. I've put together a list of five cookbooks I plan on getting to start my new collection. I've already got ahead start and bought one from my list below. 

Five Good Cookbooks
1. While at Barnes & Nobles, I ended buying The Mom 100 Cookbook for only $6 bucks (the online price is more) I loved the variety of recipes a mixture with simple ingredients and full colorful pages of recipes. For some reason, I like lots of pictures in my cook books. Even though the cook book is for 'Moms' I consider it more of a go to recipe cookbook. I'm so looking forward to trying her recipe for Risotto, I've always wanted to try and make it. I blame it on watching one too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsey freaking out on the contestants that can't make a bloody Risotto. 

2. My mom bought me the Martha Stewart Cooking School Cookbook, for a wedding present and I just loved it. I love all the cooking details Martha shares. I love pretty much anything Martha. 

3. The Betty Crocker cookbook is one of those classic old schools cookbooks full of knowledge and the basic how to. 

4. I've always enjoined Ina Garten and watching her cooking show Barefoot Contessa back in the day when we had a cable. I plan on giving her Barefoot Contessa Foolproof Recipes: You Can Trust cookbook a try after reading though all reviews, I think this will be a good for entertaining which plan on doing at lot of when we move home. 

5. The Pioneer Women Cookbook, I've tired a few of her recipes from her blog and loved them. Her food is that yummy 'stick to your ribs food,' meals I try to avoid on a daily, lol. I love that is cookbook feels like the perfect crowd pleaser  & large meal making cookbook. 

Girl Crush Cookbook

I have a big girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow, I find her her style effortless and fun! I like that she puts herself out there and isn't afraid to speak her mind even if it comes across as smug or annoying. I guess there's two camps on Gwyneth: Camp Hate and Camp Love. I fall under the love category and have been thinking about giving her cook book a try, even though I typically shy away from celebrity cookbooks. I'm still on the fence about ordering her cookbook My Father's Daughter the reviews on Amazon are pretty decent, so we'll see if I end up buying it.

Do you own any of the above cookbooks? Any suggestions for cookbooks I should buy?