Life Via Instagram: June

I've mentioned a few times, how much I love Instragram, here & here. I love that I'm able to share spinets of my day to day life in pictures with a little blurb...the filters are fun, but sharing what's happening in my life 'real time' makes it more fun. Not to mention how much I love my community of Insta-Friends and seeing spinets of your lives [kids, DIY Projects, what's on your mind] Going forward I'll share a quick recap of Life Via Instagram each month. My first roundup is for the June, my favorite month so far this year...its the start of Summer and both my boys birthdays, and it marks the month we moved back into our home!! [ it can't get much better than that]. Follow me on Instragram @mrsclh 
Row One : Organizing Avery's Bedroom // Avery's Birthday tricycle  // Macy's Delivering Goodies to our home
Row Two: Playing ABC's with Avery // Using the Mom 100 Cookbook // Hasani & I on Fathers Day
Row Three: Hasani made Spagetti for 1st Dinner at Home // In Ahh over the Blue lamps // Shopping in Target 

Hope you all had an amazing Month of June too!!