Our Master Bedroom

As most of you our aware we decided to make some layout changes to our home after the house fire, some were minor changes and others major changes (read more about those changes here). One of those major changes was our decision to add a master bathroom / closet and french doors to our existing smallish 1950's rancher 'master bedroom'. Our home only had one bathroom before, so we were super excited about this change. I'm in love with the changes we decided to make to our bedroom and was super excited to design the space myself. I really wanted to addition in our bedroom to appear seamless, like it's always been there and I'm happy to say it does. Everything ties into together: roof line, our hardwood floors, lighting and most importantly the flow. 

Here's a look at our new very empty bedroom, we're only a few short weeks away from moving back home. Our new view when you walk into our bedroom, on the far back wall there's now a window that lets so much natural light in. Above you see our drum chandelier, I loved it so much in our room before that we decided to use the light fixture again (best decision ever). The light fixture is still covered with plastic, so that's why it looks a little dingy plus w need to adjust the chain. There's Avery photo bombing my shot! He was hanging out in the bathroom while I was taking pictures. 

Here's a look at the other side of the master bedroom, the in front of my new closet is where our old closet used to be. It's now a perfect little nook for a settee / chair or something pretty. We had an outlet installed in the area so we can hang our TV on the wall in the spot if we choose. In the background you can see a glimpse of our french doors. 

Our french doors! They rest in between the doorways to our closet and master bathroom (closet is on the left & bathroom is on the right). The 'hallway' area in our bedroom so to speak is actually a pretty nice size space, I have lots of ideas filling my mind with how to use it: console table? gallery wall? huge leaning mirror? I'm also thinking about adding back plates to our french door handles, if I can find some that will work our our knobs. 

Since our 'hallway' in our bedroom is pretty spacious, we decided to add a light fixture in the area. I wanted a light that would compliment our drum shade chandelier, I found this pretty light fixture on Overstock.com & its gorgeous! It's so hard to find a flush mount light, that's not ugly or a boob light! OK, technically it's kind of similar too a boob light, but more of a Las Vegas show girl boob light, lol. So its much sexier. There's a peak into our master bathroom. 

Here's a better view of our wall color along with our super dusty hardwood floors. They are getting their final coats of poly this week.  

Back to our bedroom door that leads to the our hallway. Notice the little bump in our wall? That's  our old closet area, I mentioned above. 

There's our master bedroom for now. I have a lot of little projects, I need to get completed before we move in. I'll share our master bathroom progress later this week. 

What do you think?