Green with Love

A few weeks ago, I shared our

color inspiration

for our new front door. Our old front door was a classic red, called

Posh Red from Valspar

. While we loved our old front door color, we decided it was time to change it up with a new color. With our new house color, I thought a shade of  aqua or chartreuse would work well with our

newly painted deeper grey house

. I gathered all my paint swatches we were considering and tape them to the front door. 

We looked at the various colors from all angles, seeing how well they went with our grey house, white trim and red brick. I was having a super hard time narrowing colors down and asked for help from my

Instragram friends

, which gave me so much great feedback! Follow me


on Instragram. To my surprise Hasani loved the very first color and thought it was the perfect shade of our front door right off the bat. 

I on the other hand wanted to slowly narrow it down to the top to colors we loved the best.I secretly loved the chartreuse shades, but was so nervous it would look too loud & neon once the door was painted out. Totally not the look I wanted for our front door. I snapped a few pictures of the final two colors, and got mixed reviews from my some family. My Dad



the color and begged us to go with red front door like we had before. My sister surprised me, just like Hasani and loved the first chartreuse color for our front door. It shocked me, because you may remember she

hated the color

too just like me Dad. In the end we narrowed it down to an aqua blue shade and shade of chartreuse. 

Before I share our freshly painted front door

, lets step back in time a little bit at remind you what our house looking like a year ago around this time pre-house fire. Our former red door, looked so bright and cheery with our light grey shaker style siding (I still miss you front door) 

Our house now, with new our new siding and craftsman style front door. We loved all the natural light our old door provided and fell hard for this beauty knowing it would look amazing with our new siding and let lots of light in while still be semi-private thanks to the step up into our house. Truth be told,

 I was getting smitten with the unfinished

 wood, but since our home gets a lot of morning and afternoon sun I know painting over staining it would be a better long term solution. 

The color we decided to paint our front door was the color that made us most happy felt fresh and fun, was the pretty shade of green. It was also a color that sacred me, I know it sounds silly, but I stepped out of my 'color comfort zone' and I'm so happy! Our front door was painted Antiquity by Sherwin Williams. We are absolutely

 in love with the shade its a pretty vibrant color and looks amazing when you drive by the house (which I did a few times) and as you walk up our walkway. In the shade the color is more intense in a pretty yellowly green way and not in your face neon way. Here's our house before the front door was painted. I was getting smitten with the unfinished

 wood, but since our home gets a lot of morning and afternoon sun I know painting over staining it would be a better long term solution. 

Our unfinished wood door open to the our living room, before the trim was finished and the walls painted. 

Our front door now, in the back ground is a glimpse of french door that leads to our new laundry room. I love how fun and bright our front door is. We decided to paint the inside of our front door white to match our interior trim.

I'm so happy we went with this bright cheery color. Our home rebuild project is finally winding down after almost a year in the making, looks like we'll be moving home in a few weeks and that's when the real fun begins and more DIY projects are in our future.

What do you think of our new front door color? What color is your front door painted, a classic shade or a bold color?

* Edit: The color aqua blue color we didn't use is called Drizzle by Sherwin Williams