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A few weeks back on my Pin of the Week, I shared the idea of taking a pre-made roman shade and adding fabric or twill tape or ribbon border to customize the shade. I recently bought a couple of pre-made roman shades from JCP for our kitchen window & master bathroom window. My plan is to cover the existing roman shade with fabric giving it a custom look. I'm going to test out the quality JCP roman shades with my smaller windows before buying more roman shades for our larger windows.  

For my bedroom & Tabari's bedroom, I'm still on the fence about using roman shades or faux wood blinds. In Avery's room I plan on using roman shades and covering the shade with fabric. Avery's in the 'blinds are a toy phase' so I think roman shades for his room is the best way to go. Hopefully he'll be less tempted to mess when them when they are down. 

The fabric on the far left will be used in our master bedroom bathroom. I recently ordered the two chartreuse fabric swatches for Avery's bedroom windows. I love love the middle fabric and think it will make fun roman shades for his bedroom. I also adore the fabric on the end and I might have the perfect spot for it in another area in my house (stay tuned). Can you tell I'm smitten with the color chartreuse? It's slowly made the rounds in our house: Master Bedroom ideas, Our Front Door, Living & Dining Room ideas

Avery's twin windows, please ignore the sad state of our backyard. We have many upcoming months of whipping our yard back into shape. 

Below is the inspiration for for his twin windows. I think the middle fabric above will be so cute on his windows and add fun element of color and pattern in his bedroom. 

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

If we end up going with Roman shades in our bedroom, my plan is to cover them with a neutral fabric maybe white linen? For additional privacy. I also plan on adding a pretty twill tape border to give them a polished custom look. I'm loving the twill tape section at, so most likely will order my twill from them. I really love the stunning roman shades below. The border on the roman shades creates such a pretty high-end yet non-fussy look. 

(via Pinterest)

I'll share my roman shades as soon as I complete them, along with how I executed my ideas. I'm super excited about this project, wish me luck! 

Have you ever re-covered pre-made roman shades or made a faux roman shade? Any tips?