Three Shades of Grey

It wasn't that long ago that we painted our house a shade of medium shade of grey, painting over our all peach house. We chose a medium-light grey and painted our house ourselves a few months before I began blogging way back in 2009, I never wrote down the color of the paint since we had leftover paint in the garage. You can read more about our painting process


. Now that the exterior siding of our house is done, its time to choose paint colors. Hasani and I both decided we love our house grey but what colors? 

Over the past few months I've collected a ton of grey paint swatches for our interior but none for our exterior  go figure. Since it was crunch time Hasani and I headed to Home Depot to check out paint colors and within a few minutes narrowed it down to three shades of grey. We went from light grey to dark give an us idea what each color would look like on our exterior. Here's a reminder of our house currently


We painted decided to paint two spots on our homes exterior, because they both get different lighting depending on how the sun is hitting our house. Along with three paint samples I bought three cheapo sponge paint bushes great for one time use and cheap enough that its no biggie to toss them after use. I painted each color on our homes siding then held up the paint sample next to painted section snapped a picture so we could remember what paint color we used. 

Brand: Behr  Color: Pier 

Brand: Berh Color: Classic Silver

Brand Behr Color: Elephant Skin

The three shades from top to bottom: Pier, Classic Silver & Elephant Skin

We took a few minutes for the paint to dry to decide on what color we didn't like, then choose the color we did. Within minutes we both agreed Classic Silver had way to many blue undertones for our taste and just look flat and too light. 

We went back and forth over between Elephant Skin and Pier. Hasani preferred Elephant Skin, I liked

 it, but it reminded me of a 'play it safe color' and not as grey as I would have liked. 

I really liked how Pier was a deeper, richer color than Elephant Skin. We stepped back and looked at the colors with our new roof in view  then both agreed that Pier was the winner!

We are painting the whole house body Pier color matched at Sherwin Williams, the brand our painter prefers and painting our door/window trim and edge boards a crisp clean creamy white to match our new seamless gutters. Our house is being painted today! Weather permitting, we've had funky weather the past week of so and our home was supposed to get painted paint last week. I can't wait to see how our home looks once its all painted! 

What color did you like best? What is your favorite house color? In addition to grey, I've always liked white colonial style houses with bright red doors!