Our Hardwood Floors So Far

Hi Everyone I'm back with our hardwood floors update! Last Tuesday I shared that we decided to stain our hardwood floors Jacobean. We loved how rich the stain looked on our unfinished floors showing all the pretty variations of our wood grain from soft to dark. The stain was applied to our hardwood floors and it looked amazing! I was lucky enough to be able to walk though our hallways on the unstained floors and take a peak at how the floors looked. Basically they took my breath away and are amazing!! The color was exactly how I imagined it would not to dark and not to light but a warm deep brown with pretty color variations. 

I snapped these pictures while the stain was drying so the color may look darker in some pictures 

My bedroom as you can see in the pictures the stain was still wet, but looked amazing in person!

Our floor guy, finishing up the staining in our living room. 

After the flooring dried the 'floor guys' returned the next day to apply one coat of clear poly. Then waited another three days to cover our floors up with liner to keep them damage and debris free. Once our house is almost near completion, the flooring guys will come back out and apply  two more coats of poly to our hardwoods making them extra protected and shiny. We decided to go with a semi gloss poly finish instead of satin. We just felt since we were going dark brown the extra shine on the floors would look nicer and more sleek verses going with satin which will read a little flat our our hardwoods. After seeing the first coat of clear poly, I can tell we made the right decision for our floors. 

Once we get to the final phase of our home re-build project, I'll have a bunch of pictures to share along with our floor guys information for anyone local in Sacramento looking to have their hardwood floors refinished or installed. We are also using the same flooring guys for our bathroom & laundry room tile! 

What do you think so far?