Our Home: New Front Door

Big thanks to everyone on the comments about out hardwood floors! I can't wait to share more pictures so you can get a better idea of how amazing they look in person. Our new front door to our house was installed on Tuesday and I'm head over heals in love with it, its what dreams are made up of, at least my dreams lol. Even though I'm super excited and happy with our new door, my heart will always miss our old front door we put so much love into it. With that said, before I got into all the details of our new front door I want to share more details about our old front door. 

When we bought our home four years ago we inherited a solid wood front door that had see better days, the bottom half of the door was badly Sun damaged and the varnish was all but wore off on top that there were scribbles on the front door. After living with the door unpainted for quite awhile, decided to paint the door Posh Red by Valspar (if your looking for a pretty pop of red, check this color out!) you can read more about our front door transformation


Here's our old front door before we painted it.

After we painted our door red to go with our grey house, it gave the perfect pop of color to the front of the house and upped the 

 cuteness factor

 curb appeal. As you know curb appeal is a good thing. 

Now for our new front door, way back in February Hasani and I went

door shopping

for exterior and interior doors. We found the exact doors we were looking for at Homewood Lumbar in Loomis, CA. They had a great selection of doors and were super excited to find the exact style we wanted. For our front door, we both loved the natural light our old door provided and wanted to find a door that would give us lots of natural light and tie in with our interior doors so they coordinated. Here's the perfect solid wood door for our home, it lets the perfect amount of light in and fits perfectly with our 1956 rancher style. We are going with rancher meets a mixture of craftsman style, so I guess you could call it modern rancher craftsman style?

I love how the door looks with our new shingles, so glad we used a combination of lap & shingle siding our our house to break up all the straight lines. The combination look so pretty together! 

I'm pretty much in love with this door, from the outside & inside! Here's a sneak peak at our our new interior door! Remember we doubled the doorway between our living room / kitchen area to create a more open feel, as you can see the doorway is starting to get trimmed out. The french door you see in the background leads to our 

laundry room addition

, this is exactly what I pictured a few months ago when I shared my drawing our our kitchen

, read more


View from inside our living room looking out to our entry (which is all in one room)

The pretty view from our hallway to our front door makes so happy! I just love it! Sorry the below pictures are so grainy, we've been using our iPhone to take pics, as you can imagine our home is VERY dusty so we keep the good camera at the apartment. 

Almost all of our new interior & exterior doors have been installed and as soon as they are I'll be sharing a long door post about all those pretty doors! And yes my friends, doors are so pretty. Do you remember this picture I shared a few months about when I was talking about my ideas for our living room? Crazy how our new door is very similar to the one below! I can't wait to come home to my house and feel like it gave me a hug when I walked in the door. 



Next Hasani and I need to choose our front door color. Looks like, we'll be buying more tester paint samples. In the past two weeks I bought 6 paint samples, looks like I'm building up my paint stash once again. Can't complain about that. 

Also out house finally got painted on Wednesday, today the painter will be painting out the trim. Click


for a reminder about the color we decided to go with. 

Don't you just love our new front door? Any front door color suggestions, since our how will be a med-dark-ish grey? Feel free to include links to ideas!