My Fall Front Porch

I have a confession, I’ve been seriously neglecting my front porch. I’m talking ignoring the dead plants sitting in containers and the overgrown butterfly bushes. Basically it's hot mess central! By the third month of crazy hot temps in Sacramento, I usually throw my hands and up and tell the 100+ degree days you’ve won and I’m tired of watering plants that are dying. Last week, I finally got sick of looking at the mess and decided it was time I visited a few of my favorite nurseries (both local and big box) for some plants to spruce up my front porch for fall. When I got home from the nursery, I went right to work and forget to snap before pictures!

I brought some so many pretty flowers and bushes! In my large planter, I planted a large variegated flowering dogwood bush. I just love how pretty the leaves look against our grey home.

IMG_0443 (1).jpg

I planted yellow cone flowers, one in the ground and one in a large planter. The lady at the nursery told me they bloom all season, just make sure I dead head the blooms as they fade. In my other planter, I planted poppies,


Decorating my porch has always been a struggle for me, because on one side we have front + porch and the other side is our large front garden bed, the layout doesn’t give me enough room to place larger planters on the right side of my front door. To create some visual balance with the large trio of plants I have on the left side, I added a large marigold. The marigold is so pretty, I picked it up at The Home Depot for under $13.00 run to Home Depot and grab some for your porch or patio!


Next on my front porch project list, is to repaint our front door. Nope, I’m not changing the color at all. In fact I love this color so much! Instead, I’m giving the door a good cleaning and painting it Saturday morning. It’s in need of a fresh coat of paint, with our home facing South West it gets pretty much gets all day long. I plan on getting up early knocking the paint out and then coffee date with Hasani! Basically coffee + painting sounds like the perfect Saturday morning!