My Birthday Wishes

Today's is my birthday and I'm 33 and not feeling a day over 26! That must be a good thing Right!?! My birthday will be low key enjoying long lingering romantic dinner with my husband this weekend, eating good food and having some grownup drinks. We planned on going out tonight  but Avery has a double ear infection my poor baby. So we'll feel better waiting a few days to celebrate. Plus it gives me more time to get ready and get sexy, lol. I put together a Birthday Wish list and happy to say a few have already been fulfilled # 3 & # 6 but even if didn't receive anything, I already have everything I already need. I know I sound mushy but ts true. 

1. Adele 21 2. Etsy: Jane Austen Quote Mr. Darcy 3. Etsy Gold Agate Bracelet 4. Martha Stewart American Food Cookbook  & Michelle Obama American Grown 5. Nepresso U 6. Timex Easy Reader Watch

1. Am I the only one who still doesn't own this CD & is still buying Cd's? Regardless I need this one and love listening to her melodic voice, gives me goose bumps. 2. I love Jane Austen and I read almost all her books & watched the movies, I can't wait to add this printed quote in my bedroom. 3. I've fallen in love with gold again, its all Gold Everything! This agate bracelet is amazing! I can't wait to wear it. 4. I love cookbooks and can't wait to grow my collection again. 5. I've been lusting after this beauty for quite sometime, lets hope it shows up in our new kitchen. 6. I love classic watches and haven't owned one in ages, and love that I have a new one to enjoy, ooh and its gold :) 

What's on your birthday wish list? Also, I'm left handed so I'm curious to know what arm you wear your watch on? I wear my on my right hand easy to read.