Lighting Ideas: Laundry Room / Mud Room

I'm back this week with another round of lighting ideas for our home. We are in need of lighting for the entire house so I started putting together lighting ideas, so I don't throw my hands up and stick boob lights everywhere. This weeks lighting ideas focus on our Laundry Room & Mudroom which is a new addition to our home and off the kitchen / dining area. Read more about my laundry room / mudroom ideas here

For some reason, it seems like I'll be forever drawn to drum shade styles: One, Two, Five. I like that three is unexpected, I'm not a huge fan of the color gold in the picture it looks to shiny and cheesy, but painted black I think I'd love it. I'm also digging Four, its the perfect mixture of modern with a touch of vintage, nice wink to our houses plus 50 years. Whatever light we choose it has to give off good light since it will be our main light source in the room. 

What style do you prefer?