Our Home Rebuild: Feeling More Like Home

Hi Everyone, every Friday its my goal to share the weekly happenings of our home rebuilding progress. We are in the process of rebuilding our home due to a house fire loss in July of last year, read more


. We are only mid way though the month of March an already there's so much progress. Our home now has a new roof, the siding is done (still need to select paint) our HVAC is set up unit going on today (rough HVAC already done), electrical hand wiring is done. Soon, I'll have a page on my blog where it will be easier to our home rebuilding process in one spot. 

I put together the pictures in a collage maker, sometimes its more fun tell whats going on using a collage.

1. This me, doing a huge cheesy can't believe I'm sitting on my new tub grin. I already shared this picture on Instagram, you can follow me


. I'm super happy about our new master bathroom and seriously had to stop myself from climbing in, it was way to dusty lol. 

2. Here's our new siding looks in the back out our house. We are super in love with the lap siding! We also used Hardee Shingles in small front portion of our house. This weekend I'm heading over to take better pictures of our exterior using 'my good camera.' I'm also working on post to share all the details of our siding choice.

3. Insulation is in! You now that that means? Drywall call go in our home passed the insulation inspection, so last night when I stopped by our home, they were already putting walls up. The guys are moving fast & doing a GOOD job which is super important. Can't wait to go over there today. Along with our insulation our home was hardwired for an alarm. I shared the above pic, because I can't get over all the amazing light Avery's twin windows get, I'm in love. 

4. This is a picture of our living room, hello insulation and lovely light. 

Seriously when I have a few moments here and there to stop by our home in the evening after work, I'm always overcome with emotions both happy and sad. Sad for everything we lost and being reminded how hard worked to transform our little house, but then very thankful for everything we do have. I'm beyond thank for to have my family and happy that soon we'll be moving back home. It's starting to 'feel more like home' again and that's a good feeling. 

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