Window Placement for Our Bathroom

We are in the process of firming up our bathroom selections: flooring, vanities, lighting and finishing touches. Are you shocked we're not further along, lol? We've picked a few things out and 'letting things settle in our minds' and not rushing into anything. In case your a new reader to Chic Little House, our home had a house fire in July 2012 and we are in the process of re-building, read more about our journey here. I love natural lighting in bathrooms, that's one of the reasons we opted to install a bigger bathroom window in our main bathroom. Since installing the our new much larger window, I'm amazed how it makes our bathroom feel larger and more open. Here's a picture of our bathroom a few weeks ago after our new window was installed. For our main bathroom there was only one window placement option, above the tub. 

Originally when I was working with my dad planning out the bathroom space, my dads also a contractor so we really appreciate all his input throughout this whole. I placed the the window in the tub, like our main bathroom and was settled on the decision. Then a few weeks later I was looking the the rendering for our master bathroom / closet and french doors and realized the window placement 'threw off the look' of our french doors from the outside. Sometimes you get so caught up on the inside look of your home its easy to forget how it will reflect on the outside of your home. 

I decided a window over the our toilet facing the opposite wall as our french doors would work better visually on the inside and out. At first I was a little nervous about the window location swap, then I remembered some pretty bathrooms I pinned that had the exact layout of our new bathroom. Call me inspired and happy for window placement change up.

Just like in the picture below, our bathroom window is to the left of vanity. This also makes me tempted to DIY a stencil for our bathroom. 

I love all the natural light this window lets in next to the vanity and mirror

One of the reasons I was nervous about the window swap was the view, painly speaking there is no view just a peak at our neighbors garage. Thankfully from the other direction you can't see inside, down the line we may add a privacy film, but I'm more keen on creating beauty & privacy outside our window. Between our home and the fence line we have over five feet of empty side yard space so to speak. 

Along with our bathroom window, we now have our new bedroom window on the wall along with our older sons existing window. I like the idea of buying or DIYing a simple trellis that's either freestanding or attached to our fence that we can grown flowering vines on. I would love to see greenery outside of those windows year round instead of a fence and a peak of our neighbors garage. Something along the lines of this trellis below would be both pretty and serve a purpose. 

Where do you prefer window placement in bathrooms? Also have you had to conceal & improve a not so lovely view outside your window? What did you do to tackle it?