Project Nursery: To Rock or Not to Rock?

When we started planning our sons nursery the biggest question on my mind was to Rock or not to Rock? If your planning your nursery on a budget, its slim pickings when it comes to nursery chairs that are stylish. The most affordable option that we came across was the glider. I have friends that have gliders in their nursery or home, but even though they are comfy its just not us. So we decided not to glide in the nursery. I wanted a chair in our sons nursery that wouldn't get kicked to the curb. On the plus side, many of my friends have donated their old glider to the local children's hospital!  

( nice and comfy, but a nope )

Then, Hasani and I started thinking about going 'old school' and looking at a traditional rocker. I started searching on Craigslist for a cool vintage rocker that we could give new life. As everyone knows a little white paint can go a LONG way.

( Random Rocker from Craigslist )

We thought transforming a old school rocker into the one the way below would be perfect. Then comes the big BUT, I have to sew a cushion for the rocker bottom and maybe top. 

( via here)

I love to break out my sewing machine and get my creative-ness on, BUT I realized even with funky fabric I'm not sure how long it would last in the nursery once the little guy was mobile and pulling himself up. One older son was an early walker at 8 mos. Plus I wanted something a tad more modern, since his crib is classic.

So instead of continuing our nursery chair search we took a break. I highly recommend taking a break when you hit a design wall. It really gives you time to take a breathe and start looking again. When we began looking again, I though Ikea may have the perfect solution. But The only chairs I like at Ikea for our sons nursery were armless, not perfect for nursing a baby in my eyes. So back to the drawing board. One day I was browsing World Market online and decided I should check out their chair options, within a few minutes I came across the perfect chair for the nursery! I fell in love with the Luxe Chair from World Market, wait I know what your thinking. A white chair in a nursery? 

Well almost a white chair, this is the chair frame, you purchase a slipcover separately! That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with this chair - yup the wash factor!! I love that I can throw in in the laundry as needed, I'm also thinking about Scotch Guarding it for more protection, still need to look into that. I also love how deep the chair is and the comfort factor. The back pillow on the chair is down and so is a portion of the cushion. Can we say relaxing! Here's the Luxe chair in the nursery, we opted to go with the Charcoal slipcover which look great against the pale grey walls and artichoke pear curtains and our new deep brown wood floors. 

Yup, were still on the hunt for the right size closet doors. Looks like we'll end up ordering some.

We also got a great deal on the chair. Here's the breakdown, we bought the chair frame first and used a $ 10 off coupon I found online (remember always Google for coupons!) The chair was $ 140 less the $ 10 off, we paid $ 130! We bought the chair frame right before refinishing our floors so we waited to buy the slipcover, well again I found a coupon online this time 25% off! The slipcover was 109 less 25% off, we paid 82.49! Total for the chair $ 222.49 (not including taxes) not bad at all. We saved $ 37.49 --- Get the latest World Market Coupon Here

We both love the style of the chair, its for sure one of those grown with me chairs, I can already picture Tabari sitting in the chair reading to his baby brother and that my friends makes the buy Priceless :)

What do you think of the chair? Did you splurge or save when buying a chair for your nursery?

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