Design Style Quiz

I love taking quizzes they are so much fun. Yesterday while browsing on MSN I came across a fun quiz all about your personal design style. Like a geek, I was super excited to take the quiz and find out my personal design style, because its always hard to nail down your own personal style. At least it is for me. Here's a screen shot of the quiz.

The design style quiz asks you 12 basics questions and about how you decorate your home and whats important to you. According to the quiz my personal design style is Modern GlamNot only are you the life of the party but your home is also party central! From bold wall colors to flashy chandeliers, embrace the wow factor.

Oooh I love how Modern Glam sounds, and I do love pretty light fixtures! 

Design Style Quiz - Click HERE 

Now its your turn, take the quiz and share with your results, What your your design style is? And do you agree or not with the quiz results?