Growing a Garden

So for the past two years I've wanted to grow a garden. I've dreamed our walking outside and picking fresh tomatoes off the vine and cutting some green veggies for a salad. That's my inner Martha talking. Anyways the idea grew (pun intended) while watching the movie It's Complicated. Love the movie, Love Meryl and Love Her Garden!

The garden in the movie is just breath taking. I love the size of the garden and mixture of flowers and vegetables. Keeping it real, our garden will be small. I really like the look of raised garden beds, they seem much easier to create and maintain. 

{ via here }

{ via Sunset }

I like the look of the raised garden beds that have a trellis on the back for vining vegetables. Right now were in the process of brainstorming the placement of our garden and most importantly what veggies to grow. We meaning Mr. CLH will start working our veggie garden over the long Memorial Weekend. I'm excited to get this project completed before the baby arrives in Mid June. I think the garden will also be fun for Tabari, he'll be able to watch his veggies grow. 

Do you have any plans for a garden for your home?