Showered with Love

A couple of weekends ago one of my mom and one of my best friends threw a baby shower for me, in honor of our little boy arriving in a few weeks. Both my mom and Sarah live a few hours a way from me, so the perfect spot for shower was my home. Having the shower at my home was was so much fun, it allowed me to share with family and friends the nursery progress. I love making invitations, so I decided to make my own baby shower invites ( just I like I made our wedding invitations click here ). The baby shower invites are simple and modern and remind me of the colors of our sons nursery. Of course I blanked out a few details to maintain privacy, our address etc! 

You've now been virtually invited to my baby shower, I hope you have fun! I had a blast at the shower, nothings better than celebrating with your loved ones! 

Sarah made some darling banners for the shower, a festive 'Welcome' sign greeted our guests.

She also made a 'Baby Boy' sign and 'Congratulations' sign that hung in the living room. The signs she made cam out amazing!! I'm saving these signs to use again in the future! 

The famous Martha pom poms hung in the dining room above the buffet table. My mom made all the yummy food, which was so sweet of her! Thanks again mom.

In addition to yummy food, we had sweet treats for the guests to enjoy during the opening of the presents. The yummy sweets included: lemon bars, cookies, mini donuts, strawberries with whip cream, fresh fruit and of course cake!

For drinks guests had a choice of Lemonade, Sweet Tea or Water. My mom's famous Sweet Tea is always a hit! She also made it for our wedding! 

I've been inspired by some many simple cakes adored with cute bunting flags, I made a half round bunting flag to top the cake. The simple round bunting flags looked darling on top of the cake.

We played three games at the shower, the theme of the shower evolved into round circles - from the signs, to round dot garland, to the round bunt flags etc. Sarah took the round theme to the next level by making all the game cards round! The round game cards were easier for the guests to hold. I love the games they were so pretty! We played, The Baby Price is Right, Finish the Baby Rhyme and Match the Famous Parent to the Baby! With all the excitement we didn't get any pictures of the winning gift bags. 

I wanted each guests to have a yummy parting Thank you treat, so we made pretzels dipped in white chocolate than dipped into white sugar sprinkles. The treat was a yummy sweet and salty snack. I found simple clear treat bags and made. I used various shades of paper in blue and my beloved pear artichoke shade for the labels. 

I had a wonderful day made so much sweeter by the love from my family and friends!! It amazes me how much our little boy is already loved! I'll sum the day up as 'Life is GOOD

I'll post a picture of myself in full big baby belly as soon as I can find one I like! lol -- You can't blame me, I'm  9+ mos pregnant and trying my hardest to be a little vain! 

I hope you enjoyed my shower, let me know if you have a questions!